Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A pause to refresh

A 33-second clip from a Dennis Miller monologue a few years ago, whose LCPOI (Learning Curve on the Problem of Islam) may seem somewhat dated (like Dennis Miller himself); but as refreshing nonetheless to experience as a slap of cold, clear water for its spectacle of even a minimal baseline of common sense out in the mainstream.


Zenster said...

A 33-second clip from a Dennis Miller monologue a few years ago…

Wherein which he asks a question that I posed within a bare few weeks of the 9-11 Atrocity.

Namely, when will so-called "moderate" Muslims declare a death fatwah upon the jihadists among them?

The answer I got from Westerners who were well-versed regarding Islam is that, "they (i.e., 'moderate' Muslims) don't want to be perceived as employing the same extremist tactics as the terrorists."

Guess what? Time has run the hell out. It ran out after Beslan. If there is one single terrorist attack in the post 9-11 Atrocity era that should have galvanized world opinion and consolidated global moral outrage, it was the random rape, physical deprivation and eventual slaughter of nearly 150 adults along with almost 200 schoolchildren, many of whom were shot in the back by terrorists as the young victims fled their place of captivity.

Dennis Miller is a Johnny-Come-Lately to the jihad scene, regardless of his respectable post-atrocity conversion from Liberal thinking.

Hesperado said...

I agree, Zenster. Dennis Miller, on the topic of the problem of Islam, is worth no more than approximately 33 seconds. But, for what it's worth, 33 seconds is more than a lot of people in the mainstream can cough up -- when they aren't regurgitating positively counter-productive crap.