Thursday, February 21, 2013

Déjà Jihad


On the new and improved Jihad Watch (hopefully bug- and Islamoleftist-free from now on), Robert Spencer announces a debate he scheduled with some Muslim.  Frankly, it's a shame that we still need to debate Muslims; but, alas, we do, and we have the comfortably complacent and thoroughly scurrilous boneheadedness of millions of our fellow Westerners to blame for that.

For, we have come to know with weary amusement that there will be no surprises from this debate, nothing from Mubin Shaikh, Spencer's opponent, that has not been repeated 1,001 times before by Islamopologists (and of course, nothing that is not specious and fallacious).

Years ago, when this millennium was still reeling to a start in the wake of the epochal wake-up call of 911 (to which it still has not awoken), these various debates and public proclamations of "peace" by Muslims ("Islam is against terrorism", etc., ad nauseam) more and more aroused a vague sense of déjà jihad

Since, however, strictly speaking the various forms of déjà vu are attended by feelings of disoriented bafflement; and since we are now, into this second decade, no longer disoriented or baffled, only weary and jaded from the grim realization that all Muslims lie and mean us harm, the repetitive syndrome they foment is better metaphored by the endless loop of Groundhog Day -- while those whose job it is to inform and protect us remain derelict as they simultaneously bury their heads in the sand whilst playing Whack-a-Mole with the Tiny Minority of Extremists that keep popping up all around the world.

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