Monday, March 18, 2013


About a dime-a-dozen Muslim apologist named Mubin Shaikh, a Jihad Watch regular who should know better commented, after watching his performance in a debate with Robert Spencer:

“Mubin seemed like a genuinely nice guy, if not entirely forthcoming all the time…”

Yes, and that Nazi officer in Spielberg's film Schindler's List, taking five from rounding up Jews during Kristallnacht, playing Mozart on a piano he found in one of the apartment rooms vacated by his men, seemed to have such a sensitive soul capable of appreciating the poetry and beauty of great music!

I.e., I would have hoped that in 2013 we would have moved beyond giving any Muslim the benefit of the doubt -- particularly when that benefit is based on outward mannerisms and personality, however "genuine" they may seem.  The bar for Muslims should be set so low, even an eel (or should I say, a snake) could not do the Limbo dance under it.  Haven't we experienced the straw that broke the camel's back from Muslims enough times over the years -- whether through their atrocities or through their chicanery -- to warrant our demand that they pass through a veritable needle's eye before meriting our trust?

Apparently, even this late in the game, most of us are still in the limbo of wishing desperately that Muslims be not as horrific as deep down we know they are.  And there's a thin line separating our muddle-headed limbo in this regard from the hell-on-earth Muslims intend for us.  An asymptotic line, in fact.

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Anonymous said...

Just because a wolf learns to talk doesn't mean you make the him part of your family. No, you take the beast out back and put him down for everyone's sake.

Or for those who like simpler sayings: "You don't reason with a cancer, you excise it".

All homilies aside, here's the bottom line. The Conservative elite can't even deal intelligently with legal and illegal immigration issue. So there is no way in h*ll that they can deal sensibly with Islam. Since it is by extension a symptom of our broken immigration(been broken since Ted Kennedy wrecked in 1965) and rampant PC/MC.

Now if the Conservative elite continue to screw off and act like all they need to do is respin their content free old garbage(see CPAC), add some libertarian BS and pander to Hispanics by gutting border security and immigration enforcement. I have every confidence that Muslims will be able to establish parallel legal systems within the U.S. in say less than 10 years and 5 years after that MB and Hezbollah will be established political parties.

IMO there is no light at the end of the tunnel.