Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Or, to put the same thing another way...

A Jihad Watch regular, commenting on the recent incident of the conservative organization CPAC punishing Robert Spencer for daring to imply that he would criticize Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, wrote recently in a Jihad Watch comments thread with baffled exasperation:

"It is impossible and incredible that a conservative group should do this.... They are reacting out of fear..." 

It's not impossible nor incredible that a conservative group should do this. They do it (or its passive equivalent) all the time, and have been for years. There is indeed a fear operative here, but it's a subliminal semi-conscious fear channelled by an internalization of PC MC values. 

Conservatives know, deep down, that the dominant meme of the dominant paradigm of our Age -- to wit, that the problem is only a Tiny Minority of Extremists and that Most Muslims Are Decent Moms and Pops (and College Professors and Political Pundits) Like the Rest of Us -- is coming under increasing, extraordinary stress and strain under the sheer weight of metastasizing mountains of data indicating Muslim atrocities, Muslim hatred and Muslim mendacity around the world. 

These mountains of data indicate a powerfully inductive inference, that the problem of Islam is not merely a relatively small circumscribed phenomenon, as those (including most conservatives) beholden to the PC MC paradigm of the Age so desperately wish to believe -- but rather that there is something alarmingly systemic and unstably metastatic about Islam, as manifested in the hatefully supremacist words, horrible deeds, and discovered lies of Muslims all over the world. 

Conservatives feel the subliminal pressure of these mountains of data and dots screaming for reasonable connection. But their PC MC (or asymptotic) reflex is not to go with the flow of the data with an open and judicious mind, but rather their instinct is to suppress that directionality -- precisely because they fear it will lead to the #1 Crime of Our Age: Painting a Designated Ethnic Minority With the Broad Brush of Bigotry -- which, as we as all know, will lead us Westerners inexorably (we have no choice, look at our "shameful chapters" of our history against the blacks and Native Americans and Poor Colonized Third World peoples) to round up Muslims, put them in camps, and genocide them. 

In order to stave off that horrible inevitability that is in our white Western nature, we must interdict our own minds and not even think the Thought Crime that leads to it. And anyone that is stirring the pot too much in that direction (like Spencer), must be marginalized, if not ostracized. The rank-and-file conservatives who have the power to kick Norquist and Khan to the curb out on their rear ends -- but who have done nothing in this regard -- have shown, by their passive pusillanimity here (and in many other cases before) proof of what I say.

Case in point:  I just received an email from the office of Allen West, that supposedly fearless counter-jihad politician:

Today I'm thrilled to introduce our new PAC, the Allen West Guardian Fund. When I give the opening keynote address at CPAC on Thursday, I will outline the Guardian Fund's plans to double our efforts to expose and combat the Obama Administration and its progressive plans...

Any indication that he is outraged by the treatment of Robert Spencer?  Anything on his agenda to address this?  No.  Of course not.  How silly to think he would be.  He's a mainstream conservative, after all.  He's going to participate in CPAC in a major way, giving the opening keynote address, and yet he will ignore the most important problem of CPAC -- its dangerous corruption by Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan.  Why would Allen West, that supposedly fearless counter-jihadist, do this?

For the reasons I've outlined.  Or, I suppose he could be severely brain-damaged, missing his Reality-Perceiving Lobe from some recent horrible accident.

(The above consequent upon my immediately previous essay.)


Always On Watch said...

I well recall CPAC 2010, which I attended; Allen West set on the same dais with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Pamela and Robert must feel a great sense of betrayal now. Allen West will participate in a big way at CPAC 2013.

Is it any wonder that Robert Spencer recently wrote THIS?

Hesperado said...

Yes AOW, I just read it (and posted a comment there).