Friday, April 12, 2013

Sexual Schizophrenia

A complex and strange phenomenon requires a pithy term, particularly when that phenomenon is part of a constellation of factors pertaining to one culture whose members are enabling, promoting and perpetrating mass-murderous attacks on our societies (and on other societies around the world).

The term I propose for Mohammedans in the context of today's subject is sexual schizophrenia.

The term is necessary because Islam, and Muslims following Islam, do evidently hold sincere beliefs of a fanatically extreme and obsessive puritanical attitude with regard to sexuality.  And yet we also know from copious evidence that Muslims routinely indulge in, and even institutionalize, various forms of sexual depravity, ranging from pederasty, pedophilia, gang rape, sodomy, sex slavery, clitoral mutilation for the sexual pleasure of men, bestiality; ad nauseam. 

The schizoprenia involved here, then, is a psychological and cultural paradox of puritanism and depravity.

Too often I have found in discussions of this subject with regard to Muslims, only one half of the paradox is treated. Hardly better diagnostically is another tendency among analysts to imply that one of the two halves of the paradox is not really real: thus a D'Souza would over-emphasize the puritanical half; while the anti-Islam critic who has little taste or capability of subtlety will imply (or boldly claim) that the puritanical half is feigned, and that only the depravity is real. Both tendencies I think are misguided, and fail to capture one of the many features of the unique disease of Islam.

More broadly, these tendencies we have to make end-runs around the paradox of the Mohammedan mind and culture are our ways to rationalize them. Some phenomena are simply indissolubly irrational -- like mental disease, or Satanism. And when they pose deadly dangers to our societies, these rationalizations can sometimes lead to grievous, or reckless miscalculations; for when defending yourself and your society from a monster or a ghoul, it behooves, on a purely pragmatic level, not to expect a human being capable of reason to be the one trying to hack down your door to murder you and the 5-year-old daughter of a friend with an axe.

A Robert Spencer report on Jihad Watch about a year ago cited a Shi’ite seminarian (i.e., a Mohammedan) named Aqa Najafi Quchani who, as Spencer explained, basically defines the Islamic institution of "temporary marriage" (which, pace Islam apologists, is both a Shia and a Sunni practice) as both:

a) lawful and therefore spiritually pure (in the Muslim mind, law and spiritual purity are synonymous)


b) as a way of "killing the Infidel".

This clarification by Quchani places the schizophrenia of depravity and puritanism (already contained within the institution of "temporary marriage" which is spiritually sanctified and Pharisaically codified casual fornication) in the context of the murderous hatred of the non-Muslim which is at the core of Islam, and which is the reason why we even bother to care about their disease at all.

This sexual schizophrenia bedevils the Mohammedan mind, and the Mohammedan society; perhaps the former literally (though not necessarily literalistically), making the latter an all-too real (though not necessarily literalistic) Hell on Earth -- one expanding inexorably into the West like some monstrous tectonic shift.


Anonymous said...

Remember 'The Scarlet Letter' by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

Puritanism and depravity have always been connected.


Hesperado said...

"The Scarlet Letter" connects the two in one society, but apportioned out, distinguishing individuals.

Islam connects them in one and the same mind and all the minds that then make up their like-minded society.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Disney cartoon of the 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'?


Traeh said...

Excellent post, Hesperado.

You wrote " the Muslim mind, law and spiritual purity are synonymous."

For the sake of those who know little about Islam, perhaps that should say "Islamic law" -- not just "law."

Hesperado said...

Thanks Traeh, I'll think about your suggestion.

Egghead, no I never saw that movie.