Thursday, June 27, 2013


" is perfectly acceptable to speak about jihad violence in the UK, as long as you're for it. If you oppose it, watch out."

This remark by Robert Spencer may strike one, at first glance, as cheeky and simplistic, but actually, it is the searingly pithy description of exactly the truth of the matter -- not only in the UK, but also throughout the West.

And, apropos of the concrete context of Spencer's grimly witty remark, it found tragicomic expression in the recent decision of the UK government to forbid Robert Spencer and Pam Geller from entering the UK in order to participate in a memorial of Lee Rigby, the young British soldier recently beheaded by a Muslim, in collusion with other Muslims, in broad daylight on a busy street in a suburb of London, Woolwich.

An interesting and multifarious comments thread about this on Jihad Watch has almost reached 300 (and may well surpass that number by the time readers read this).

To sign the petition to the British government protesting their decision against Spencer and Geller, go here.

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