Monday, July 08, 2013

Are We There Yet...?
My thoughts in 2010, on a 2009 poll indicating that a lot of Americans seem to harbor a vague antipathy to Islam:

"A Washington Post poll released last year found that nearly half of Americans -- 48 percent -- have an unfavorable view of Islam."

I'm not as readily pleased as the rest of the Jihad Watchers who take this datum uncritically to signify that "the people" (i.e., the non-"Elites") are sufficiently waking up to the danger of Islam.

1) What does "unfavorable view" mean? I would like to know if this particular poll elicited further specifics on that. I mean, I could find a poll that shows that 73% of Americans have an "unfavorable view" of the new Dell laptop; or, more pertinently, an "unfavorable view" of Jehovah's Witnesses, or Scientology, or the Catholic Church. But these could very well only be a vague misgiving or aesthetic distaste, just as this Washington Post poll could be with regard to Islam.

2) Even if it could be shown that the Washington Post poll's 48% (or at least a majority of that 48%) had a sufficient awareness of the problem of Islam informing their "unfavorable view", I guess I am more impatient than other Jihad Watchers, but 48% ten years after 911 -- and sitting as we are on a veritable mountain (nay, a volcano) of grotesquely ghoulish data about Muslims, a volcano whose evil lava is only growing, not diminishing -- is unacceptably, outrageously low. In a sane world, the numbers would be over 90%.

And this is precisely why I continue to maintain that PC MC is not merely a matter of those dastardly "Elites" -- but also of the hearts and minds of the majority of ordinary people throughout the West.


My misgivings back in 2010, when I wrote the above in a Jihad Watch comments field, unfortunately remain approximately the same now, three years later, notwithstanding that yes, there has been a sub-microscopic glacial increment of an advance, as a frozen slug might make inching imperceptibly along the same rain-stained walkway it has been traveling for years and years, with the garage door still seemingly as far away as ever.

Under these circumstances, I maintain that if there is nobody around pushing impatiently for more, then inertia and a kind of asymptotic relaxation, lapsing back into the PC MC status quo (with plenty of no-nonsense Counter-Jihad slogans and mantras to keep repeating in order to keep the fantasy stoked that progress is happening), will be even more likely to persist and solidify -- for which the only antidote left, it seems, will be the cement-busting trauma of more and more, and worse and worse, Islamic terror attacks in the coming decades.  

Most sociopolitical and sociocultural change in the modern West has resulted, in part, because of impatient gadflies who weren't satisfied with waiting around for change to evolve as conservatively as it took for land reptiles to evolve from amphibians (assuming that they ever did, that is). 

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Anonymous said...

You and Spencer are 20 years too early, you have to wait until the body count is much higher. Right now the average person has a better chance of being struck by lightening than getting killed by a Muzzie. IOW they are not a overt clear and present danger to most of the people.

That said, I don't see the percentages going much higher no matter what. It's not about data, it never was. It's about ideology and beliefs. I suspect that 48 percent are mostly Conservative in outlook and politics. They are more willing to see things as they are IMO.

The thing is you won't win over the Left for various reasons nor those who refuse to see the beast that is before them. Because accepting the Islamic threat means no more living in a Nerf World.A lot of people just can't handle it.

Gimme my American Idol and Xanax and don't bother me is their refrain.

The Left OTOH is wedded at the hip with Islam, they will either be banished with Islam or win and in the end be obliterated by them.