Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shame on Front Page dot com

This dressing down of Ronald Radosh by M. Stanton Evans was written in 2008.  

That should have forever disqualified Radosh from participating so importantly on Front Page.

Instead, the editors of Front Page -- friends and supporters of Robert Spencer -- have seen fit to elevate Radosh to the office of Executioner of Diana West and her new book, American Betrayal.

One example of many which Evans cites of Radosh's mendacity and/or utter incompetence as an analyst and reviewer:

At one point, discussing the Amerasia case of 1945 in
which official documents were funneled to a pro-Red
publication and the facts about this hidden from the
public, Radosh writes, “Evans tries hard to make it
appear the cover-up was something he discovered.” (No
evidence is presented for this snide assertion, nor
could it be, for none exists.) Even worse, in
referring to a book he and Prof. Harvey Klehr
published on the Amerasia case in 1996, Radosh
parenthetically says this was “a book from which Evans
takes virtually all of his material and which he does
not acknowledge.” This vicious statement is an
astounding, and outrageous, lie. My documentation of
the Amerasia fix, cover-up, grand-jury rigging,
wiretapping, and so on is derived from the files of
the FBI here in Washington, several thousand pages of
which I have in my possession, accumulated over a span
of years. It owes nothing to the Klehr-Radosh book, as
may readily be seen by scanning my end-notes and
comparing these to their annotations, which are based
on an entirely different indexing system, so that one
isn’t transposable to the other.

Diana West has a few articles detailing this shameful, and unfortunately ongoing, episode -- for example, here and here.

(Update:  The online news analysis magazine American Thinker has, apparently, joined the polite lynch mob against Diana West.  And now National Review Online as well, where the writer there, Conrad Black, when he describes Diana West as "a right-wing loopy" (is "loopy" even a noun?), sounds more like an adolescent Leftard writing for The Daily Kos or the Jon Stewart show, rather than a writer given an imprimatur at the heirloom of the great William F. Buckley.)

While I've written here about my misgivings about a certain aspect of Diana West's apparent thesis, that is wholly different from whether she should be accorded the respect of a rational review of her book.  

Horowitz, the creator of Front Page and its ongoing active promoter and editor, is wholly responsible for this travesty of the love of truth (and meanwhile Spencer, a major partner of Horowitz's, is keeping quiet as a mouse).  One can only speculate why Horowitz is doing this.  Perhaps Horowitz's former Leftism never entirely vacated his system, and he still holds a soft spot in his heart for the great liberal President FDR, against whom Diana West has committed the thought crime of blasphemy.  This may explain, in part, why Horowitz is so soft on Muslims.


This isn't the first time I've noted dismaying things about Front Page.  Back in 2008, I wrote three articles about why I was taking that site off my blogroll.  The third installment has links to the first two.

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