Friday, September 06, 2013

The plot thickens.

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?
     --Sherlock Holmes (The Sign of the Four)

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The Gatestone Institute -- yet another stalwart "conservative" think tank, affecting to be patriotic and concerned for American, and Western, security in the face of the threat of Islam.  The Gatestone Institute: it sounds so distinguished, so stolid, so presentably brimming with integrity, so ivy-league; so... gatey and stoney. 

Well, a seemingly small crack has appeared in that stony facade (and doubtlessly the Distinguished Fellows therein hope no one will notice its incipient fissure ominous of deeper fault lines).  Clare Lopez, a Distinguished Senior Fellow there herself, with an unassailable résumé, published at Gatestone an essay expatiating upon Diana West's new book, American Betrayal, and in the process favorably alluding to its thesis which may be described, in a nutshell, as asseverating, on the basis of massively detailed reference citations to numerous scholarly works on the subject, that Communist infiltration of the United States (particularly in government) was far more extensive and intensive than heretofore appreciated and assimilated by mainstream historians and the pundits who percolate propagandistic (and culturally influential) sound-bites from that mainstream history.  A secondary thesis of West's, directly interlocked with this primary one, is that a revisionist history (with its attendant pop cultural percolation) has become mainstream by which the Communist infiltration has been severely minimized and the patriotic Paul Reveres warning of it (viz., the gold standard, Joe McCarthy) reduced to caricatures of paranoid alarmists. 

A couple of days ago, we learned that this fine essay by Clare Lopez was summarily yanked from Gatestone by unseen Gatestone hands, with not a shred of explanation offered out of respect to Ms. Lopez or to her (and Gatestone's) readers and supporters.

Then today, we learned something even more egregious.  The Gatestone Institute has fired Clare Lopez.  (Read the full, sordid details at the Gates of Vienna blog.)

This is outrageous, and strange.  And, as has been recounted here and at Gates of Vienna and at Diana West's site and at Ruthfully Yours, only represents the latest in a series of outrages against Diana West's book, and against her character.

Something rotten in Denmark is afoot here -- if I may mix my metaphors, Shakespearean and Sherlockian.  Only two explanations seem logical, though neither one can be redeemed from outlandish implications that beggar plausibility.

The first is that ex-Communist anti-Communists David Horowitz and Ronald Radosh have serious brain damage rendering them a) incapable of processing elementary data (as amply and clearly demonstrated by the detailed refutations by Diana West (even in her abbreviated “coming attraction” presaging a major rebuttal soon to come) and M. Stanton Evans of Radosh’s attempts at criticism) -- even as their brains seem perfectly capable of intelligent commentary and analysis about nearly everything else; and b) susceptible to irrational spasms of emotion further incapacitating their already seriously compromised ratiocination in this regard.

The second is that ex-Communist anti-Communists Horowitz and Radosh are not really ex- and nor anti-Communist, but continue to further the Communist Revolution, in latter years under deep cover pretending to have earned anti-Communist bonafides — i.e., they are doing Stealth Communism in the guise of fighting Communism. Part of their nefarious motives would involve a mistaken, but powerfully dreamy belief that the Communist world revolution can be strengthened through a synergy with Islamic Jihad (and here too, then, a pretense to being anti-Islam on the surface would mask an ulterior opposite agenda, reflected by the occasionally glinting traces of tips of an iceberg in the form of the curiously soft embrace they affect of various “Reformist Muslims”, not to mention in Radosh’s essay lecturing his fellow “conservatives” about how Islam isn’t all that bad).

Neither scenario, as I said, is fully satisfactory; and both leave an unpleasant aftertaste in the mind considering them. But unfortunately, they seem to be a Scylla and Charybdis, forcing us ruthlessly to follow the sage counsel of Detective Holmes.  The only question is, which of the two choices is the accurately “impossible”…?


Anonymous said...

Oh, a lot of very rich and powerful minority somebodies with the same GENETIC background (race v. religion) actively prevent any remotely meaningful discussion of their organized plan to and role in overthrowing and ruling the entire world - all in good time....

Gee, I wonder who those somebodies could be???


Anonymous said...

Hi Hesp,

I have been following your comments on this affair.

GoV omitted to publish my comment on 9-20-13:

"The best defense is a good offense. Perhaps these men are legitimately afraid that the actions of their perhaps-former or likely-current ‘friends’ might put those ‘friends’ on trial for treason."

"A good question: Might Muslims simply be following the precedent set by Jews in the subversion of the American system for the benefit of people of Middle Eastern extraction over people of European extraction?"

The same people who spout Darwin and believe in competition of the fittest on an individual level REFUSE to admit that Darwin's theory applies to humans on a racial or societal level - with societies being held together by race as an easy characteristic to see and use to form a society.

You speak of the asymptotic, and I agree. I am a truly 'nice' PC MC product and it has taken me a long time to get here, but I believe the same asymptotic tick exists with regard to Judaism as Islam.

Western PC MC Christian Europeans and descendants are all about crediting ALL Jews with Nobel prizes, but NO Jews with the rise of virulent communism (embracing now Islamophilic multiculturalism) which has already been and will soon be responsible for the violent murder and mass rape of a whole lot of Christian Europeans and descendants by Muslims who were imported for that very purpose.

Indeed, one is NOT even allowed to raise the specter that some people who self-identify as being of the Jewish race are actively trying to eliminate Christianity in America and Europe.

If the idea is SO absurd, then WHY must it be censored?

Dymphna has previously given some emotional mush that we are to be eternally grateful that Jews gave the law to civilization.

First, like natural rights, GOD gave the ten commandments which Jews promptly IGNORED according to the Bible.

Secondly, does the fact that Jews wrote down something that GOD did for civilization thousands of years ago mean that we should ALL forgo noticing that some people who self-identify as being of the Jewish race have been actively implementing a system designed to completely destroy Christianity in America and Europe now?

The Diana West affair HITS people in the face with the truth of the situation, and yet people still vacantly wander around the truth and wonder, "What happened???"

In your gut, you already KNOW what happened. Diana West endangered - and thus angered - some powerful people who self-identify as being of the Jewish race. She hit upon their treachery WITHOUT naming them but close enough that others might make some uncomfortable connections and start to ask the questions which are forbidden because the answers reveal too much treachery to be ignored....


Anonymous said...

Read here: