Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Mutation of the "Moderate Muslim"

The mutation of the Moderate Muslim not only proves convenient for the asymptotic in the Counter-Jihad; it seems to have been created within the ambit of the Counter-Jihad.  At least, that's where I have seen it most.  

For the asymptotic in the Counter-Jihad, whose ethical conscience has been nagging at him, semi-consciously anxious about what would seem to portend were we to follow our reasonable prejudice based upon bloody fiery mountain ranges of inferential evidence leading us to condemn all Muslims, he cannot simply abandon the Moderate Muslim.  The function it provides proves too important to him after all.

This poses a dilemma for the asymptotic in the Counter-Jihad, however, because being in the Counter-Jihad, he knows too much about Muslims to so glibly dismiss the concerns about them.  And he has come to learn (if he doesn’t remain at the Daniel Pipes stage of retardation, that is) that the “Moderate Muslim” demographic is laughably specious.

What to do? Luckily, there comes along a way to save vast swaths of Muslims from our condemnation (and, more importantly, to save ourselves from the ethical anxiety we may feel at being condemners of so many hundreds of millions of Brown People)—by simply repackaging the Moderate Muslim demographic as something else (while having the gall to pat oneself on the back as a no-nonsense hardliner): thus, the Lax Muslims will do; and the Muslims Who Don’t Know Their Own Islam also come in handy; as well as the Muslims Who Are Too Afraid To Come Out of the Secularist Closet -- or more recently comes along the MINO ("Muslim In Name Only", echoing the RINO, the "Republican In Name Only" or false Conservative).


Another permutation I saw recently from a Jihad Watcher:

“The vast majority [of Muslims] support the literal interpretation even if they do not have the strength of conviction to carry it out.”

And another:

...the majority(?) of the world's Muslims are--thankfully--not fully compliant with the teachings of their "complete way of life"...

I'm sure there are many other permutations where these came from, and asymptotics will generate new ones in order to continue to indulge their De Nile.

Oh yes, here's another list, quite creative in its variety:

Bosch Fawstin's multiplication of the crypto-moderate


Anonymous said...

I assume this is based on the cheering that Malala is getting for saying all the right PC/MC things.

If it is, I just got scorched on a blog who didn't like me saying she's a big phony in failing to condemn Islam and the way it systematically oppresses women and is directly responsible for her condition.

Funny thing is, this is a blog(linked to by Zerohedge)is well known for being un-PC/MC. Until that is, when I poked holes in Malala's con.Then I saw how intolerant the posters and admin really are.

She talks about women's education. What she failed to state that it is non-existent in Islam and has been from day one. It's only in Islamic countries where women can't get a education. Not the West, Asia or South America.

Only in Muslim states.

Bottom line, she's a apologist of Islam and no friend of the West.

Problem is, too many people are grasping as you pointed for someone to prove Islam isn't totally bad and hence only worthy of total rejection by the West.

I personally think this mentality is so pervasive in the general population and the anti-Islam movement that it is impossible at this time to mount a effective defense against Islam.

As for myself I've discovered even in supposedly very un-PC/MC blogs, you have to watch what you say. If you find the blog owner gushing over a Malala, then you know where they stand and what they'll tolerate - not very much.

I used to think that PC/MC was the sole property of the Left, but as you've shown it's quite widespread, even supposedly so-called un-PC/MC crowd has it. I've watched several well known sites slowly purge posters who posted things they didn't like. Sites that prided themselves on a free for all exchange of ideas. Thing is it ceased the moment the posters stepped on the wrong corns(topics, agendas).

Hesperado said...

Yes, I concur with everything you say -- except that I didn't have Malala in mind specifically, though she's certainly a good recent example of this phenomenon.

The PC MC that we see among people who are against Islam cannot really be PC MC per se, because the whole point of PC MC is to provide (more or less unwittingly) an apologia for Islam. Thus what I think is going on is that there are "residues" of PC MC still in the minds of people who otherwise are quite un-PC MC -- and so I call these residues "asymptotic", to give it a name, since it does seem to be a distinct phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

EXCEPT: What I notice is that people who are willing to examine and criticize Islam are often 100% unwilling to examine and criticize the tenets and practice of Judaism - another Middle Eastern religion with a lot of sophisticated and significant anti-social aspects. In other words, even those who can escape PC MC to see Islam are 100% unwilling to escape PC MC to see Judaism - even though mainstream Jewish authors indicate an agenda that is 100% subversive to the white European Christian culture. Worse yet, people actively use the Judeo-Christian label to describe the West giving Judaism both top billing and false credit for the success of Christian countries built almost entirely by devout Christians.