Sunday, January 05, 2014

A salvo, and a skirmish

-- in the "battle space of the war of ideas".

About Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood mujaheed, I wrote in a recent Jihad Watch comments thread:

He's an enemy combatant apprehended in the midst of murderously fighting a hot war against us on our soil. He should never have been accorded a trial, but only -- after a forensic investigation (not a trial) determined his guilt -- creatively interrogated for any useful intel he might have, then summarily executed.

And predictably, the Jihad Watch Softies weighed in with their lightweight demurrers; which I fended off as best I could, as the reader will see by following the above-mentioned comments thread to its denouement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Softies is right, they think they are in a after church ice cream social and that by being nice and polite the rest of society will embrace their agenda.

Fat chance. They're already been condemned by the majority and put in the corn field(to borrow a phrase from the Twilight Zone) but don't know it.

As for the notion that only some Muzzies are bad, well that's just plain stupid. Seriously, the Muzzies are playing a smarter game in the West. They don't need to play jihadi anymore, they simply need to acquire enough numbers that irretrievably alters the host country's demographics and political representation in their favor. That's when they bare their fangs.