Saturday, January 25, 2014

Coffee & Counter-Jihad

My new series of little extemporaneous essays isn't exactly Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; but it'll have to do.

My second cup so far:

Giving PC MCs like Craig Considine (who recently published a grotesquely laughable puff piece on HuffPo proclaiming Muhammad to be a great pioneer of human rights shoulder to shoulder with Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.) the benefit of the doubt, they are not practicing taqiyya, but something worse: sincerely starry-eyed myopia about a major human rights evil. It’s worse because, unless the PC MC in question is actually neurologically brain-damaged, he has no ultimate excuse for this outrageously colossal derelection of intellectual and moral duty.
This may be one of the places where I differ from other Counter-Jihadists: I don’t really blame Muslims for their zombie-like fanaticism. It would be like blaming the jackal for rending my daughter’s flesh apart with its fangs; it would be silly to blame the jackal. One only in that context grieves for one’s daughter, and then resolves to protect the rest of one’s family and friends from the jackal. I think deep inside most Counter-Jihadists there lurks a neo-Wilsonian (either of the Christian flavor, or of the secular flavor) who still hedges hope for Muslims.
And this may be important for it would tend to determine the flow and structure of one’s advocacy of sociopolitical policy in this regard. I.e., flowing from my perspective, the point is not to understand Muslims (except in terms of military strategy, of course), nor to save Muslims from Islam (only because this is mountainously impracticable) — but rather to protect our societies from them.


Anonymous said...

Exactly - Bull's Eye. The point is not to blame the vicious for their nature nor to excuse or deny their nature but to protect oneself by whatever means necessary from their attacks and depredations.

Love your posts at Jihad Watch as "Lemon Lime" - you're always a refreshing corrective to the naive hedgers and religious simpletons there. I'm very glad to have found your blog.

Steven James

Anonymous said...

IMO they are afraid. Afraid of being labeled Nazis, xenophobes, potential mass murderers by the Left and it's tools in the media and being targeted by the DoJ as a hate group should they publicly come out for mass expulsion of Muzzies.

It's also the reason many AJ bloggers are anonymous. Spencer is smart, he merely reports for the most part. He doesn't politically organize or agitate,lest he ends up like Robinson.

The sad fact it's rather dangerous to openly hold on un-PC/MC views in the age of a Leftist controlled government that enforces diversity with jack booted thugs and what amounts to legal extortion.

Hesperado said...

Thanks Steven James, I appreciate it.

To the second Anonymous, I agree that fear is a great part of the equation; but that's merely a negative factor, and such massive denial seems unlikely to be due to only negative factors. One must supply also a positive factor -- a genuine, sincerely starry-eyed sense that it's doing the right thing to "stand up for" the Brown Underdog (as they perceive Muslims to be) and ipso fact against "racism".