Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coffee & Counter-Jihad

My third cuppa C-Joe:

A long-time Jihad Watch commenter, even at this late date, calls for limiting immigration on a small subset of suspect Muslims, as though that will help solve the problem of this global revival of jihad the West, and the Rest, is facing:

After Iraq’s “Doctor Germ”, and Aafia Siddiqui of Pakistan, and that bloke A Q Khan was it? – who stole all those nuke plans and took them back to Pakistan, and now this bloke…you’d think perhaps infidel countries would figure out that it is NOT a good idea to admit Muslims into non-Muslim countries to “study”. Time to stop letting these dangerous “students” in, no matter how much they pay in student fees. Even if they *don’t* do what this bloke was planning to do, they will take back home to the Ummah HQ all sorts of things – knowledge of chemicals, explosives, biological agents, etc and so forth – that may end up coming back at us in deadly forms.

END ‘student visas’ for foreign Muslims. Let’s keep them out of the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Britain, wherever. It’s far too dangerous, far too great a risk.

The problem is that we are not going to rationally limit immigration — even of a small sub-section of suspect Muslims (except for a tiny 0.000001% of wild-eyed bearded jihadists) — for many more years to come. What should have already been done years ago, will likely not get done for many more years (if not decades) in the future; in the meantime, a few million more Muslims will infiltrate into the West (while their population will continue to explode disproportionately compared with the non-Muslims around them). In this realistic context, the prospect and recommendation of Limiting (or even Stopping) Immigration of Muslims is only to Close the Barn Door After the Wolves Have Gotten In.
What to do with all those millions of wolves inside the barn? 

No, we should agitate only for one policy: total deportation. The West will come around to this — because Muslims are metastasizing and will perpetrate horrific attacks on us in the coming decades. The only question is when, not if. The sooner the West does this, the less costly, less messy, and less bloody the process will be. We canaries in the coalmine, we in the Counter-Jihad, at the flickering candle of a spearpoint of public persuasion in the “battle space of the war of ideas” (as Frank Gaffney has aptly put it) must press for the best and most rational policy, rather than push for incoherent and distracting peripherals that will only tend to serve to slow us down and encumber us in distractions (including the counter-productive and fantasy-based hypothesis that we can sufficiently distinguish Dangerous Muslims from Harmless Muslims) in the near future by fostering the erroneous conclusion that this problem of Muslims metastasizing can be solved by anything other than total deportation.

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