Monday, February 10, 2014

Many crescent moons ago, I had to school yet another Jihad Watch Softy, who anxiously conjectured that a particular Muslim victim of an honor killing in Canada (Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old girl murdered for Islamic reasons in 2007 by her father and her brother) must be remembered as a friend and not as an enemy:

1) Not all Muslim females who even try to escape their Muslim families are necessarily free of the mental baggage of Islam that is endangering us. Indeed, it's reasonable to say that even Muslims being killed by other Muslims are not our friends (except, of course, in the most cynically utilitarian way).

2) A teenager's embrace of American pop values and mores does not necessarily mean, if that teenager is also a Muslim, that that teenager is free of the mental baggage of Islam that is endangering us.

3) It's possible that Aqsa herself was sufficiently free of the Islamic mental baggage; but that reality, and that determination, is casuistic, and should never be applied as an abstract general principle that would then inform some general policy we might adopt -- for then the assumption of masses of harmless and innocent Muslims we must materially "save" becomes incumbent upon us, which would interfere with what we have to do to protect our societies from Muslims in general.

Anyone who disagrees with my three points above just hasn't sufficiently assimilated and digested the full horror of Islam. They may have been reading Jihad Watch for years, but something is evidently wrong with their digestion process: for when consuming and digesting Islamic data, one's system must perform an operation that is the reverse of normal alimentary digestion: rather than absorb nutrients and expel toxins, we must absorb the toxins (the bad aspects of Islam) and expel the nutrients (the seemingly good aspects of Islam).

While PC MCs go to great lengths to pick out the nutrients (or even invent them or swallow the sweet-smelling turds profered by taqiyya artists) from the mountain of shit that is Islam, there seem to be quite a few even within the Counter-Jihad who take just a little too much time and trouble sifting through that mountain of shit to find nutrients as well -- perhaps to assuage their guilty conscience at the logical consequence of what that mountain suggests about all Mohammedans.

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