Saturday, February 15, 2014

What ever happened to "Liberated"...?

"Liberated" was the nom du blog of a young woman who said she had left Islam and converted to Christianity.  Robert Spencer over a year ago began to feature her blog entries.  Her last entry I note was a little over a year ago, January 22, 2013.

This is a re-post from February of this year (2014).  One still wonders whatever happened to her.  Has she gone into the Mohammedan Witness Protection Program?  Has she, God forbid, been silenced by Muslims (likely even her Muslim family)?

Given that for all her courage, she seemed to be rather impetuously reckless about telling her family too many details of her "dishonor" -- including having a Christian boyfriend -- and given that she said she was continuing to live in a Muslim-majority nation (never specified, however), one wonders if thinking the worst is not tragically reasonable.

Her last post, titled "Stressed", contained this disquieting description:

...I have been really stressed out lately since I came out to my family about my apostasy. It's been over two months now that I haven't seen my brothers and their wives and the kids because they disowned me completely when I told them on Oct 26 2012 that I had left Islam a year ago and months before I met John.
I know it wasn't a very wise thing to do, but frankly, they were getting on my nerves with their convert him convert him convert him chanting. As if a record got stuck while playing and just would not move on. I had to tell them that basically their theory about my relationship or marriage with John not being halal in the eyes of Allah is no longer applicable to me, since I had left Islam long before I even knew John existed.

Let us hope and pray these were not famous last words on her part.


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