Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Concerning a report on Jihad Watch about an American high school (Brighton High School, in Brighton, Michigan) that had its female students wear the hijab for a day -- for the sake of diversity, of course -- a reader commented:

Students, including Muslims, should then be forced to wear garments associated with the Jewish, Catholic, Buddist, Mormon, and Protestant faiths
Another reader responded:

They do learn about those faiths in literature classes. They read “The Crucible” and “The Scarlet Letter” and learn about how intolerant protestantism is. They read “Chansons de Roland” and learn about the evils of the Crusades. They read “Candide” and learn about the evils of the Spanish Inquisition. But when they read about Islam, they only learn that jihad is a peaceful inner struggle.
Then I weighed in:

Very good. Alas, the Syllabus of Errors of the PC MC West contains many more books by which to reinforce the twin memes of its paradigm of reverse racism (irrationally excessive self-criticism and irrationally excessive admiration of the Other) — a veritable library full; supplemented by countless television shows and movies over the decades.

How many books do we suppose the Muslim world has produced which are as profoundly self-critical of their own society and their own culture — which is to say, synecdochically, of their own Islam — as the West has produced in its own scathingly searching and morbidly corrosive self-criticism?

I believe the number to answer that rhetorical question was (allegedly) invented by the Arabs: al-zifr. Translation: zero, zilch, zots.

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