Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Connective Tissues, Connect the Dots...


On the occasion of seeing yet another report on Jihad Watch of yet another Mohammedan extremistthe Nigerian warlord Abubakar Shakeu, who defends massacres, pillage and sex slavery by invoking the Koran and the SunnaI am prompted to think:

We still have the problem of the millions of Muslims who seem to be not engaging in this kind of fanatical barbarism.

Couple that ostensible fact with the second ostensible fact that the vast majority of these millions are perceived to be an ethnic people (or a wonderful diversity/mosaic/tapestry/quilt/stir-fry of ethnic peoples)which pushes the White Guilt buttons of the dominant mainstream throughout the West and elicits a whole menu of irrational thoughts, feelings and behaviors tending to help Muslims and their precious Islamand, at best, this particular Mohammedan warlord only triggers most Westerners to redouble and reinforce their TMOE meme (“Tiny Minority of Extremists”).  And it is this TMOE meme which serves to forever forestall a realistic appraisal of the broader more systemic danger of Islam and its global Umma of Muslims.

One of the most important tasks for us in the Counter-JihadWe few, we happy few, we band of brothersin perhaps the most important theater of the World War we are inthis ongoing “battle space of the war of ideas” (as Frank Gaffney aptly put it)is to connect the dots between this putative TMOE and the Umma (the trans-national body of Believers of Islam).

This dot-connection would be best done by showing, to our Silent (and Pleasantly Sleeping) Majority throughout the West, the “connective tissues” (Frank Gaffney again) between, in and among the oceans of dots that existbased upon the mountains of data we already have about Islam.

And while business as usual (the ongoing machine of Jihad Watch that chugs along daily churning out the horrible data of Islam, plus innumerable other blogs and, outside the Blogosophere, the stalwart activities of various activists around the world like Spencer, Geller, Wilders, Hirsi Ali, Frank Gaffney, Diana West, David Wood, Brigitte Gabriel, Paul Weston, the late David Littman, et al.) has been helping, incrementally, it may not be the most effective way to accelerate our aforementioned important taskperhaps the most important task of all.

For, the persuasive demonstration of that connective tissue, by which the thousands of dots about the problem of Islam would be connected to show that all Muslimsnot just the "Tiny Minority of Extremists"enable Islam, would more than anything else begin to wake up our Silent (and Pleasantly Sleeping) Majority.

What would be most effective in this regard, I maintain, would be the development and implementation of a digital Anti-Islam Manual which would contain all the talking points of our criticisms of Islamas well as all the rebuttals necessary for the inevitable sophistry that surrounds Islam both as its propaganda package, and as its specious and elaborate defense mechanism.

And as this is a sophistry in which Islamic taqiyya (deception) operates in a complex dovetailed symbiosis with the Useful Idiocy of the West’s dominant and mainstream PC MC, the Anti-Islam Manual would also be, perforce, an Anti-PCMC Manual.

For this Manual to be effective, however, it cannot be done slapdash, in an amateur way: to get it off the ground and running it requires the influence and money-raising assistance of our illustrious Luminaries and Informal Leaders in the Counter-Jihad (someday, hopefully, to become the A.I.M.the Anti-Islam Movement).  The A.I.M. requires this, if for no other reason than that it would take a team of professionals and talented autodidacts to put in probably hundreds of hours of their time for which they should be remuneratednot only because that would be the fair thing to do, but also because that would be the best way to attract the requisite excellence and expertise necessary for the best result.

So, let's get on with the task of promoting a healthy Body Politic by growing the connective tissues that will, in turn, strengthen our antibodies and restore our blood cells, the better to connect the dots—i.e., to identify the pathogens that threaten our health, if not our life.

Will any of our Luminaries and Unofficial Leaders return our calls to get this going...?

(Will anyone pick up the phone to call them in the first place...?)


Egghead said...

Hi Hesp,

Robert Spencer was on Christian radio yesterday suggesting that the USA discontinue Muslim immigration because it is impossible and possibly suicidal for the USA to tell 'good' Muslims from 'bad' Muslims (with 'bad' Muslims being Muslims who are violent against the American infidel). I thought of you.


Anonymous said...

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