Sunday, July 20, 2014

In vino veneratio

Jihad Watch has many times referred to widespread incidents wherever Muslims are rampaging (i.e., asserting or reasserting their Islam) involving Christian winesellers (and one assumes selling beer and other spirits) being targeted, persecuted, lynched, murdered, etc., for disobeying the dhimma pact by dealing in alcohol. The widespread incidence of such incidents shows two things: the fanatical puritanism of Islam (joined at the hip with its Satanically supremacist terrorism), and the divinely humane tolerance of Christianity for the “wine that maketh glad the heart of man”.

For, it was in great part thanks to medieval Christian monks (many monasteries became thriving alcohol production centers in the Middle Ages) that the Western cultivation and technical perfection of wine, beer and liquor distillation progressed; and it was largely due to some of the more Puritanical strains of the Protestant Reformation that sociocultural brakes were put on this activity.

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