Monday, September 15, 2014

The West in bed with its enemy

A typical ejaculation from a Jihad Watcher in a comments field over there today:

"It’s staggering that soo many people of different levels of authority are getting this subject very wrong it’s either gross incompetency on a huge level or it’s deliberate."

The subject, of course, is how IS, is, in fact, Islam -- and why the Western "Elites" remain stubbornly myopic to this.

We must, however, rule out the improbables:

1) It can't be gross incompetency (not on this scale).

2) It can't be stupidity (not on this scale; and besides, most our leaders and representatives in Politics, News Media, and Academe are fairly intelligent).

3) It can't be deliberate (not on this scale; most of our leaders and representatives in Politics, News Media, and Academe are relatively decent and would not knowing support an evil enemy of their society).

Once we rule out these three improbables, are we left with nothing?  What about sociology and culture?  Methinks that the typical Jihad Watcher-cum-Counter-Jihadist who insists the explanation for our massive Western myopia to the problem of Islam must be one or more of the three above just hasn't gotten out much, or when out has been strangely oblivious to the Forest for the Trees -- the Forest of modern Western secularism and its massively mainstream and dominant Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism, a fashionable paradigm guiding society implicitly with insidiously user-friendly software, a Weltanschauung as prevalent as the air and sunshine on a brilliantly sunny day.

Remember the crucial ingredients of this paradigm:

1) "Diversity" is more important to protect than the lives of our men, women and children (as our silver-haired General (and at the time Chief of Staff) George Casey, sporting more fruit salad on his chest than a Filipino cafeteria worker, lectured the Americans in 2009 he was supposed to be protecting, while the smoke from the Fort Hood terror attack was still clearing).

2) This "Diversity" may be further unpacked to air out its noxiously smelly and incoherently convoluted ravel of underwear from the baggage the modern West carries around thusly: "Muslims are Brown People, therefore we cannot say or even think anything overly negative about them, lest we commit the thought crime and the hate speech of 'racism' -- an exclusively white Western sin responsible for the worst and most shameful crimes of history and, moreover, itself a worse crime (cf. #1) than mayhem and murder."

3) The sheer numbers and global dispersion of the Muslim Diaspora (increasingly moving into the West), a massive quantitative fact that only augments the psychological and cultural weight of #1 and #2.

4) The demographic invasion of Muslims in the form of a mass immigration -- seen by the mainstream West as an exodus of peaceful Brown People seeking a better life like any other people would do, whose existential Burden must be the White Man's to shoulder, but seen by the Muslims themselves (we must reasonably infer, from the mountain of data we have) as the Hijra, one grand wing of their global Jihad -- involving a mélange of stealth jihad, Daw'a promoting the historical lies of the Myth of the Golden Age of Islam and supposed "contributions" of Islam to Western civilization, grievance-mongering laced with race-baiting, pseudo-moderation, a Good Cop/Bad Cop collusion with the ongoing violence (in various forms, from terror attacks to all manner of lower-level criminality) of a certain volatile and indeterminable number of Muslims in the West, and Islam apologetics promoting the TMOE meme: to wit, that the problem is a Tiny Minority of Extremists Who Have Nothing To Do With Islam "radicalized" by the inherent racism of the West. 

All of the above generating an ongoing, metastasizing problem which, furthermore (said the spider to the fly, said the bedridden Wolf dressed as Grandma to Little Red Riding Hood), the vast majority of Peaceful Muslims can help the West solve -- with more Islamization of the West, of course!

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