Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The cat's cradle of PC MC

Most in the Counter-Jihad ("such as it is", as Diana West once wryly remarked) by now have seen the TV show where actor Ben Affleck was parroting and regurgitating PC MC memes left and right in defense of Muslims and Islam, while liberal atheist Sam Harris and libertarian libertine Bill Maher were offering up spirited (albeit still Islamo-illiterate) rebuttals.   After the initial smoke cleared, Harris posted a video about it and offered up additional analysis (which, by the way, Robert Spencer praised, even though, as he noted, Harris has been rather rude to him and others Harris has termed "right wing").

Of that video, Spencer wrote:

…In this video, for example, Harris dismisses critics of Islam and jihad who came before him as “fascists” and right wing nuts, without pausing to consider that perhaps his opinions of them are the consequence of previous smear campaigns much like the one of which he is the target.

To which I say:

The cat’s cradle of the PC MC paradigm is very hard to extricate oneself from. Sometimes the way out is the Alexandrian solution of cutting the Gordian knot; but that requires an ability to think outside the Box, and it seems Harris is trying to image (and imagine) three dimensions while remaining a citizen in good standing of Flatland (even while its self-appointed commisars, Affleck, Kristof, et al., are threatening him with the ostracism of persona non grata).


Dave said...

Hey there Hesp, and welcome back!

I've recently been wondering what'll it take for the illusions of PC-MC to be dispelled in a person. Apparently death threats, beheadings, terrorism, and clear, not-complicatedly-worded statements of "I wanna behead you and everyone you know" aren't enough. That's why it seems a long shot (to me at least) that the Islamic catastrophe will be averted before it reaches the shores of the West. The West's only hope is a sudden (no idea from where) resurgence of good ol' Judeo-Christian moral values (and to hell with all that moral relativism, which got the West into all this trouble in the first place). Otherwise, the will to win against Islam just ain't there.

To be brutally honest, if the great battle between the West and Islam would happen today (and it is! Just in many smaller conflicts. This isn't a conventional war by any means.), I can very well see Islam winning due to the West's appalling lack of conviction, values, bravery, and honor.

I also was theorizing what's worse, being a full blown liberal, touchy-feely, sentimental PC-MC simpleton or being what you call "aysmptotic". On one hand, obviously the more wilfully blind you are, the worse. On the other, when a person is blind, he knows it. When a person thinks he can see perfectly well, but in reality sees everything upside-down, it'll be far more difficult to convince him of his deficiency, due to the fact that he's sure that he can see just fine.

In short, people who think PC-MC is good can be convinced otherwise. People who think they think it's bad, and that they are "conservative", yet are actually PC-MC will be far more reluctant to admit their own PC-MCness.

What d'you think?

Cheers, Dave

Anonymous said...

Relativism is a cultural poison which has been seeping into the body of Europe and the U.S. for the last several centuries. It's rendered us defenseless in the face of evil(and that's what Islam is). We're like Dodo's being confronted by rats and pigs, we don't know what we are seeing anymore. Even before Islam was beating on our doors, our intellectuals were busy making the same excuses with the Soviets, even in the face of Solzhenitsyn's efforts they still were in love with Communism. Or look how Ayers and his terrorist buddies get professorships. Our intellectuals have went off the deep end. It's made us so rotten in the head that very few can even stomach the notion of mass expulsion of Muslims from the West even among the anti-jihad crowd. They cannot accept Islam by it's very nature is evil and has no business in the West. They read the Koran yet make excuses for it and it's followers.

It's also stripped us of our heritage. The arts have all but degenerated into nothing.(see that giant phallic balloon in Paris that just popped?), Piss Christ, Dung Madonna, Rap music, or the junk that resides in the Guggenheim? Makes me want to gag.

I can only hope for a restoration of a backbone and faith so we can do the right thing.