Friday, December 26, 2014

The Pepper Archives 3: Plus ça change...
Continuing my series on resurrecting my old comments from Jihad Watch from when I went by the handle of "Dr. Pepper", today's sample (expatiating upon the terrorism du jour back then -- the Theo Van Gogh slaughter, the London Tube bombings, the Madrid train bombings...) from nearly a decade ago is rather depressing, as it reminds us that nothing much seems to have changed in the intervening years; if, indeed, it is not getting worse.  

And when I say "it" I refer not only to Islam, but more poignantly & piquantly to the PC MC that continues to dominate the mainstream of the West -- the PC MC that remains the #1 reason why the West continues to be chin-deep in the yellow-brown waters of De Nile (while burying its collective head in the sand along the banks) about this metastasizing danger.

Without further ado, I post that comment from yesteryear:

The terrorist attacks seem to be having the opposite effect that one would rationally assume they would have: instead of galvanizing the politicians, academics, and media pundits to investigate Islam itself as a possible source of terrorism, the terrorist attacks are actually causing a reverse situation: with each new attack, our politicians, academics, and media pundits

1) become MORE “sensitive” to Muslims

2) try to build MORE “bridges of understanding” with the “religion of peace”

3) become MORE influenced by Muslim advocacy groups whose suspect motives and records they fail to investigate

4) anxiously try to help prevent “backlash” against Muslims

5) articulate criticisms of people who dare to wonder if Islam itself nourishes these attacks

6) label critics of Islam as “racists” and “Islamophobes”

7) help to put institutional and legal apparatus into place which will further faciliate Muslims to engage in al taqiyya and further hinder the critics of Islam (e.g., “religious hate” laws).

Whether this paradoxical effect of continued terrorist attacks is part of a clever plot by Jihadists, or whether it simply reflects the dhimmi stupidity of our culture and Jihadists are wising up to its enormous utility to their overarching cause of Jihad (of which terrorism is just one tool), it doesn’t seem to matter.

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