Monday, January 05, 2015

Taking the temperature of the Counter-Jihad, part 2

In part 1, I spoke of "an impatience with the Counter-Jihad, because, of course, the Counter-Jihad is obviously not doing enough".

Obviously, the Counter-Jihad can't be fully blamed for this, since its relative impotence is largely due to the massive fact that its surrounding society -- politicians, news media, academe, popular culture, and too many ordinary people -- is being remiss in its obligation to be supportive in this most urgent matter.

Still, the Counter-Jihad has to do something.  It has to cultivate itself as a nucleus of an ongoing hopeful transformation of the West.  Right?

If the answer is yes (as it should be), then what?  Doesn't the movement have an obligation of its own to at least try to be the best it can be, as it tries to develop something that will be useful, given the two problems -- of Islam, and of Western myopia to Islam?

Of course, I say yes to this question.  But how do we get there if we seem to disagree on basic issues revolving around this?

Hence my call for a "summit meeting".  The movement desperately needs a general conversation, on the Internet, to hash all these things out.



Egghead said...

Hi Hesp,

There are people having group discussions and taking actions. They are just NOT including us (and often, each other, due to fundamental philosophical differences and petty grievances).

Pamela Gellar has her in groups and out groups - and arranges anti-jihad lectures and rallies.

ACT has its in groups - and arranges anti-jihad lectures and rallies.

GoV has its in groups - and works with European anti-jihad people and groups - and European people attempt to affect international legislation that binds the USA laws and actions via 'treaties.'

Egghead said...

On another note, it is important to realize that racial and/or religious Jews are determined to control and steer the anti-jihad movement in a way that 100% 1) obscures the outsized and very destructive influence of Western Jews to creating the current problem of wholesale importing and supporting of Muslims in the West, and 2) effectively prevents any meaningful changes to the current import and support of Muslims in the West.

As I have often mentioned, based on a long mutual history, Western Jews (with strong ties to Israel often indicated and reinforced by dual citizenship) understand the true nature of Islam and Muslims infinitely more than naïve, trusting, and innocent Western Christians - and yet Western Jews have made it their lives' work to import Muslims into the West - and vigorously defend Muslim legal 'rights' against Christians in Christian countries.

So, if we turn back to the anti-jihad movement, study the Jewish money and influence. See where Robert Spencer gets his funding (here's a hint: our favorite Jewish 'former' communist). Decide if Pamela Gellar actively tries to discredit Christian or cultural Christian anti-jihadists in the USA and Europe. Notice how those who were once involved with Gellar have been labeled a non-person (see Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff) or an anti-Semite (see GoV and EDL) - or end up in prison (see Tommy Robinson whose ultimate downfall largely started with his unfortunate association with Gellar).

Note that GoV had serious website issues directly after I asked serious questions about the key role of Jews in promoting Islam in the West. It seems that GoV began to redact my (somewhat tame and quite polite) comments when its Jewish readers who were money sponsors began to get upset that I was asking the 'wrong' kind of questions about the role of Jews in promoting Islam in the West.

I believe that Israeli government intelligence forces play a role in the Jewish contribution to the Western anti-jihad movements - with the goal being that racial and/or religious Western Jews will control and steer the anti-jihad movement to the benefit of Jews (versus Christians) in the West.

I thought it was very interesting when young Dave showed up on your site. As I mentioned to GoV, you must avoid being 'played' by agents of another government, ideology, and/or religion.

As a side note, regarding an internet summit, some anti-jihadists would be concerned to reveal their identities and become targets of Muslim retribution.

Plus, DHS has bragged that it always infiltrates Tea Party like groups so you would never know if you were 'talking' to someone who was real - or who was an agent sent to steer the conversation in a certain way - using psy-ops techniques. For example, who can talk about the actions of Jews in a negative way when sweet young Jewish Dave is reading, whereas sweet young Jewish Dave is fine disparaging the past acts - and present intentions - of Christians....

Hesperado said...

Hi Egghead,

True, there are already discussions going on in various venues (including the world outside the Internet), but they're all rather small, relatively isolated. What I'm calling for is a much more broad-based event that would open up the little islands of sub-communities. As for the concern of privacy and censorship and/or punishment, this is true; but it's a matter of disagreement what degree of limitations this presents. I'm less suspicious and gloomy than you are, I think (and less so than are many in the Gates of Vienna who, though they disagree with you often, would I think agree with you on this).

As for the Jewish question, as you know you and I have disagreed on this before. I just don't see the logic in this, given that Muslims want to genocide Jews and cultivate a hatred of Jews as virulent as, if not more so than, the Nazis did. The argument must morph into a conspiracy with assumptions of untenable proportions, it seems. (This is not to deny that there exist many Jews who facilitate Muslims to one degree or another; but one can easily point to innumerable Christians, agnostics, atheists, New Agers, and Hindus and Buddhists who do so also.)

Egghead said...

Hi Hesp,

The Jews know firsthand that Muslims are absolutely incapable of running a civilization - and thus, Muslims must ALWAYS rely on an infidel group to administer conquered lands. Jews plan 1) best case - to rule the world as its 'smartest' racial caste (using imported Muslims as Brown Shirts who enable the cleansing of all religions in the West under the doctrine of 'enforced fairness' - which sounds an awful lot like modern Communism/atheism) - or 2) less best case - to be the 'smartest' racial caste behind the throne that administers world government for nominal Muslim rulers (as Jews administered Spain for Muslims). As a side note, at least one modern Jewish group refers to the historical Jewish experience administering Spain for the Muslims (directly against Christians) in the most glowing terms. GoV began to redact when I would link to that Jewish site - I believe because it was too damning.

Modern Christians and cultural Christians in the West are very naïve and innocent to the level of antagonism that both modern Muslims and modern Jews harbor against modern Christians and cultural Christians - antagonism supported by The Koran and The Talmud. GoV would discuss the antagonism in The Koran but NOT the antagonism in The Talmud.

In their quest to rule the world, modern Jews consider Christians to be the bigger competition and threat than Muslims.

NOBODY was facilitating the wholesale importation - and financial and legal support - of non-Christians in the West until Jews (often with dual citizenship) began to assume more and more important modern policy positions in Europe and the USA. Indeed, the Christian-ruled West categorically BANNED Muslim immigration for centuries....

Communism, atheism, and Islam are NOT an accidental outgrowth of a healthy Christian culture run by believing Christians. Rather, Communism, atheism, and Islam are movements that intend to mortally wound Christian culture which invented and nurtured the West that Communists, atheists, and Muslims wish to conquer and rule - and, by their ruling, will ruin the West.

P.S. Few are going to be having public summits about deporting Muslims from the West after the events of today in Paris....