Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The MSM both sucks and blows

The entire MMM (Mainstream Media Machine) both sucks and blows, in a complex manner both efficiently doing its job (of sweeping the Islamic problem under the carpet) and at the same time of ineptly failing to do what it’s supposed to do (informing the public of important matters of sociopolitical moment).

Unlike the Gates of Vienna Circle and the Counter-Jihad Softies, however, I don’t think the Mainstream (of which the MMM is one, albeit major, component) is being deployed in terms of some kind of willfully concerted, knowingly seditious motivation (i.e., some kind of conspiracy); but I rather err on the side of diagnosing and analyzing it in terms of a complex ineptitude characterized by a paradoxical combination of relative intelligence and axiomatic ignorance — what I have termed in an older essay here ” Quantum Ignorance”.

That whole essay really needs to be read carefully to do justice to its analysis & argument, but a pithy nugget from it may be in this context of limited help to clarify:

"While it may be possible that a sheer quantity of data [about the problem of Islam] presented to people in the thrall of Quantum Ignorance could, by the mere mass itself, provoke a quantum leap to budge them out of the Box of their QI, it seems very unlikely; for we are not fighting fire with fire: we tend, rather, to be fighting quality with quantity. For, that is the precise meaning of Quantum Ignorance: it has made the quantum leap from a quantitatively based ignorance into a higher, qualitative ignorance fortified by a paradigm that resists all attempts at a quantitative argument."

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