Monday, March 30, 2015

The Jonestown Massacre was an anti-Christian Leftist atrocity

The PC MC paradigm is a vast edifice of many interlocking bricks, so to speak.  Many of these interlocking factoids involve revisionism of major events or processes of history both distant and recent.  But it's a revisionism slyly (and/or incoherently) purveyed as historiographic veracity, thus forcing those who wish to restore the original truth into the cultural position of seeming to be the revisionists, and thus on the defensive.

Thus, the myth that the Jonestown Massacre was an example of a fanatical Christian cult led by a fanatical Christian evangelist, Jim Jones, has become a shibboleth in American sociopolitical culture dominated by PC MC (which, being a paradigm of interlocking bricks, connects "fanatical Christian" with "right wing").  Thus whenever Jonestown is held up as an example, it is supposed to be an example of how bad right wing Christian fanaticism can be.  But the myth is just plain wrong, controverted by the facts -- as this fine piece on the blog demonstrates well.  Other articles exposing Jim Jones as a maniacal Marxist revolutionary are easily found on the Web, such as this one.

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