Saturday, May 16, 2015

Too Much Information, Too Much Islam

A Jihad Watch reader recently remarked in a comments field:

“I don’t know if one exists but some central database should be created highlighting the most important and most damaging truths about islam.”

The answer is no:  A central database on the Problem of Islam does not exist.

A central database is the single most important weapon in this war of ideas phase of this war we are in.

The war of ideas in turn is the most important theater of this war. The primary object of this theater is not Islam or Muslims (unless one indulges in the fantasy that a critical mass of Muslims will “reform” to save us from the problem their Islam is causing us) -- the primary object of our war of ideas is our fellow Westerners, the vast majority of whom remain stuck in the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist (PC MC) paradigm about this issue.

The exigency of a war of ideas wouldn’t make sense if the only problem were a Dastardly Cabal of “Leftist Elites” controlling everything; in that speculative circumstance one would logically abandon persuasion and instead opt to go down a Breivikian road and/or hunker down expecting the general devolution of the West into a Mad Max dystopia.

Back to reality:

The Counter-Jihad desperately needs a central database, or an Anti-Islam Manual which would be, in effect, a digital app.

This central database should fit the following criteria:

1) It should be the “Bible” of the Counter-Jihad — it should be the main and only source for all information the Counter-Jihad needs to empower all of us civilians, deputized with this app, to fight in the various “battle spaces” of the war of ideas theater.

2) The information which the Counter-Jihad Manual contains would be apportioned in two interlocking areas:

a) information about Islam

b) counter-arguments against PC MC.

Perhaps the main problem of the so-called Counter-Jihad has been the problem of “TMI”. The problem is not that we don’t have enough information about Islam; the problem is that we have too much information, and this excess of information is ill-organized, with complex overlaps of redundancy that make the eyes of the audience glaze over.
Ironically, just in articulating this important facet of the problem as succinctly as I can, I likely have caused my readers' eyes to glaze over.

Over 15 years after 911, and the Counter-Jihad still doesn’t have something like this. Unacceptable.

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TL Winslow said...

No comprehensive anti-Islam manual available other than the expensive books put out by Spencer, Geller & co.? Duh, all this material has long been available, but since it takes so much work to study it and it's free few give it a chance. Yes, there really are bargains when it comes to this important subject.

1) My free online course on Islam's history, filled with ammo exposing the dirty underwear all the way back to day 1, backed by hyperlinks to sources:

2) A free comprehensive database of world Muslim personalities and organizations including in America, Europe, Australia etc. All anybody needs to get into the fight.

3) My free blog of links to virtually every blog article about Islam pro and con back 6 years, 100K+ and counting.

And there's more and more if you get through that.

Or you can save all the work and just study my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam forever and get on the bandwagon to lobby politicians to back it:

-- Ciao,
T.L. Winslow, the Historyscoper (tm)