Saturday, August 15, 2015

The paradox of tolerance

As with many other aspects of this horrendous, slow-mo Train Wreck of a global problem (viz., Islam) unfolding in this new twenty-first century of ours, Western PC MC dovetails (unwittingly) with the Islamic agenda.

The PC MC doctrine of Tolerance seems not simplex, but complex:

On the face of it, the doctrine seems utterly self-contradictory, or a marvel of a Zeno’s Paradox wrapped in a riddle in an enigma:

Be tolerant of everyone—but don’t be tolerant of those who refuse to be tolerant of those who are intolerantexcept where those who refuse to be tolerant of those who are intolerant are intolerant of those who refuse to be tolerant of those who are intolerant.

Until we restore the missing ingredient: When we remind ourselves that the PC MC worldview of the mainstream West racializes the problem of Islam, we then see that the Paradox is not only wrapped in a riddle in an enigma, but further enfolded in a pita bread burrito:

Be tolerant of everyonebut don’t be tolerant of those who refuse to be tolerant of Brown People who are intolerant.
Now the logic of PC MC makes sense, when we see the anxious White Western Guiltreflecting the neurotically magnified distortion of the two capital, classical virtues of Western Civilization (Respect for the Other; and Self-Criticism)at the bottom of it all.

And, as I noted, it dovetails nicely (i.e., disastrously) with the Islamic agenda of Stealth Sharia-cum-Stealth Jihad.


The “Brown People” of my analysis refers, of course, to Muslims in the perspective of PC MC. In the perspective of PC MC, Muslims have become the #1 Aggrieved Ethnic Minority Whom We White Westerners Must Respect.  And as long as the mainstream West sees Muslims as a non-white race it must "respect", it will be handicapping itself in this race against time as Islam undergoes its global revival.

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Egghead said...

You are missing one key ingredient: PC MC is much more than the idea and actualization that whites must 'respect' non-whites and criticize whites.

PC MC demands that whites must intellectually, spiritually, psychologically, and financially 'support' and 'include' and 'promote' patently immoral, unproductive, and/or destructive non-whites - while whites simultaneously 'import' overwhelming numbers of primitive and savage non-whites who openly announce and plan to violently genocide whites out of existence - starting with formerly white cities which have devolved into unsafe places for whites - and which whites have largely fled as a clear indicator of the course of violent and lawless actions which non-whites openly direct towards whites given the chance.

PC MC is white (world wide) minority racial genocide as transparently defined, planned and implemented by the non-white (world wide) majority populations in the nations that comprise the United Nations. Carbon tax anyone?

Egghead said...

So, does modern PC MC (superimposed by Communists on formerly Christian countries - well, except for China and North Korea) derive from applied Christianity - or, as I argue, applied Judaism?

Read this: