Sunday, September 06, 2015

Diana West weighs in on PC

In a recent essay titled Question: What is PC? (and perhaps even more so in a subsequent essay, First Communism, then Islam) Diana West explores a dimension of our current Problem of the Problem that deserves far more thought & analysis than it has received in the Counter-Jihad.

West is one of my favorite writers; and yes, there's a big but coming...  I think in this essay she misses a chance to really tackle her titular question.  Instead of probing the broader context and source of this phenomenon, she lapses into a focus on one (major) symptom of it -- namely, Communism; or rather, the successful, albeit amorphous campaign, ever since the 1960s, to make anti-Communism bristle with radioactive cooties throughout our culture.  She's right about that aspect of the problem, of course (she's produced a wealth of useful research and analysis on it), but demonstrates a less sure grasp of the deeper reason why such a campaign turned out to be so effective.

One may disagree with my assessment, if one thinks that Soviet saboteurs and their useful fellow travelers by themselves could effect such a drastic and comprehensive paradigm shift.  While it's possible they did, and while it's certainly documentable and reasonably inferred that they undertook this subversion earnestly and assiduously, it seems unlikely their success was due wholly to their efforts, as though America was some kind of hapless sheep, willing over time to submit to -- to the point of practically aiding and abetting (if not positively cheering on) -- an ideological invasion this profoundly contrary to her core values.  This would indicate not merely a sheeplike passivity (already questionable on such a mass scale throughout all levels of popular culture), but even some strange species of cultural and psychological zombification.  I.e., a more reasonable inference would factor in an already existing cultural predisposition that has nothing to do with Communism per se (at least not directly) and that widens the historical scope considerably.  (Indeed, Communism would be a symptom of that broader historico-cultural process, rather than an agent or cause of it, as West's formulation seems to imply.)

I think one major motivating factor for West's position on this is reasonably defensive: after her years of research on the subject of Communist infiltration and anti-Communism, she became increasingly dismayed, then disturbed at the "court history" which has monstrously minimized the problem of that infiltration (including, in no small part, enabling the cultural paradigm that has decreed that anti-Communism should be demonized), and in many ways has aided and abetted the propaganda that whitewashes the massively pernicious career of Communism in the 20th century.  So West, I think, has been caught up in righting the wrong of that revisionist history, and the sheer magnitude of the complex lie of that "court history" has consumed her attention, even to the point, apparently, of magnifying the role of this revisionism such that it becomes transformed from a massive symptom, which would have a history so long it precedes even the advent of the idea of Communism in the 19th century, into the cause.

Which brings me to what I believe is the second factor explaining West's perspective on this: she may not have a full enough appreciation & appraisal of the long history of a mélange of attitudes & axioms that prepare & predispose a society to so readily swallow the romanticization of Communism coupled with the demonization of anti-Communism -- and then, fast forward to our post-911 world, to so readily swallow the romanticization of Islam coupled with the demonization of the anti-Islam movement.  One indication of West's intense focus on the former problem is a parenthetical comment she made in her above-linked article which may breeze by the attention of many readers.  Alluding first to the former problem, her parenthesis merges into the latter problem:

What is most breathtaking here, though, is the obdurate endurance of the glaring lie. In fact, a greater intellectual hoax than the Saleming of the Red hunters is beyond imagination. (Islam-is-peace is as great, but no greater.) [bold emphasis added]

It's certainly West's right to think the Problem of the Problem with regard to Islam as no greater than the Problem of the Problem with regard to Communism, but after all her research and astute analysis on Islam over the years, I can only conclude that she hasn't fully digested and absorbed the mountain of data about it that indicates it is a far greater danger, and its whitewashing a far greater problem.  She wouldn't be alone in this by any stretch; my assessment of the Counter-Jihad indicates that, alas, perhaps a slim majority minimize the problem in one way or another.

The pertinent question in this regard, I suppose, would be:  If I'm correct that West is not adequately appreciating the longer history of the process of PC MC moving from one idea among many over centuries, to becoming the dominant, fashionable worldview of the entire West by the mid-20th century; how would her thesis change if she did in fact appreciate this longer history?  One way to answer that question is to probe her words and see what it is she is inferring in the absence of this longer history, when the protracted spectacle of Communist infiltration and the subsequent dominance of the fashion of anti-Communism comes to her analytical attention.

In a recent email correspondence I had with West, I briefly discussed the broader problem, and mentioned the 16th century statesman and philosopher Montaigne as one example clearly showing that PC MC antecedes Marxism not only by years or decades, but literally by centuries (I also gave her a link to my essay -- Montaigne: Godfather of PC MC? -- which in lengthy and meticulous detail presents an argument backing this up).  West implied that she knew about this; and yet her essay seems not to factor this in at all in its tight focus on Communist subversion from without (U.S.S.R.) and from within (Soviet proxies, agents and fellow travelers inside America).  My counter-thesis, to repeat, is that the whitewashing of Communism -- and the corollary demonization of Anti-Communism -- would not have enjoyed the mainstream traction it has in fact enjoyed, had there not already been a pre-existing predisposition to think this way which, for want of a better term, I call "PC MC".  But West's rhetoric heavily implies that PC MC is a construct and a plot machinated by Marxists, and she conflates three terms that have nuanced distinctions -- "Leftism", "Marxism", and "PC".  By implying an indiscriminate equivalence among all three sociopolitical forces, it becomes easier for her to concentrate on her focus -- and thereby to make the error of ascribing too much evil volition and direction to the problem in its, let us say, domestic dimension.  A similar dynamic occurs with those I term the "Real Problemers" of the Counter-Jihad when they blame the Problem of the Problem of Islam (that is, the Problem of Western Myopia to the Problem of Islam and consequent whitewashing & enablement of Islam) on a Dastardly Cabal of "Leftist" "Elites" -- as though there were not millions of pleasantly & sincerely confused, unwitting enablers of Islam abounding throughout the West, precisely making possible the myopia that constitutes the Problem of the Problem!


Egghead said...

Here is a useful distinction for you:

1) There are always stupid people and non-thinking people and sinful people - all of whom are easily confused and/or manipulated to support evil.

2) There are always smart people and thinking people - who are immoral people - all of whom PLAN evil as best they can.

3) There are always smart people and thinking people - who are moral people - all of whom FIGHT against evil as best they can.

It is a case of the brilliant quotation, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

Here, fooling 'all the people some of the time' refers to smart and thinking people who study and learn and accept the truth about the true genocidal natures of Communism and Islam.

I would wager that, as a primary researcher to whom I am grateful for her honesty, Diana West was dismayed to learn about the vast extent of the role of Jews in promoting and enforcing Communism - much more than simply learning about the role of Communism itself in the West.

If Diana West were truly honest with herself, her firsthand information would and should cause her to disassociate herself from Judaism - just as learned Muslimas disassociate themselves from Islam - which we see with Wafa Sultan and Ayn Hirsi Ali.

The big problem is that race and culture enters heavily into the equation with tribal-identifying Jews and Muslims. How do you disassociate yourself with your race and culture that are tightly bound to religion?! How do you stop thinking of yourself as a Jew or Muslim?! The obvious answer is that, if white Christians could be convinced to give up their racial and religious identity in favor of enforced multiculturalism (by Communist Jews, no less!), then it should be all the easier for Jews to follow their proscription for other races and religions - unless, of course, it is bad advice - which would bear stating loudly....

So, barring a repudiation of her Judaism, West's work becomes a form of silent atonement for the genicidal sins of Jews using Communism - sins which we easily see to be ongoing - hence the general hysteria of 'important' people regarding Diana West's topic.

Egghead said...

Corrections: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and genocidal

Egghead said...

As to why Communism is worse than Islam in the West, it is easy to see. Just substitute the word Judaism for Communism. Now what do you see?

How many Western leaders (political, media, legal, finance, business, etc) are now racial and/or religious Jews?

When the West aggressively protected itself from Islam for 1,330 years, were Western leaders Christian or Jewish? Well, you know the answer.

It is only in the last six decades since Jews solidified their leadership positions in the West (exactly in the period of 'Communist' infiltration) that Western leaders have literally INVITED Muslims to conquer the West!

Egghead said...

So, with the impending onslaught of World War III, we are about to see WHY early Christians took an entirely different name from Jews - instead of calling themselves the 'new' Jews. Christians took a new name to repudiate the evil that they experienced at the hands of Jews.

Whether Jesus was the Messiah is irrelevant here. What is relevant is that powerful Jews in leadership positions were willing and able to arrange and celebrate the violent execution of an innocent man - a fellow Jew!

Anonymous said...

How carefully you tiptoe around the real issue, even permitting yourself to dare to use the word 'cabal' (from Kabbala, one of Judaism's texts). The 'counter-jihad' is a false flag, or controlled opposition, the main concern of which is Jewish interests (one of its leaders having declared that "at least fifty percent" of it is Jewish administered). As for American 'pre-disposition' to "political correctness", the distortion of biblical scripture in the 19th century through Jewish funding of the Scofield bible, and their amassing of ownership, control and agenda of all forms of mass communication, has facilitated a monolithic viewpoint which permits no debate and eventually silences all freedoms.

Anonymous said...

85% of the leadership of the Bolshevik Party was Jewish, partly Jewish or of Jewish ancestry and,from offical KGB records, 67% of the NKVD was Jewish (the latter being the enforcers of Communist government policy which resulted in the torture, imprisonment, murder and also deliberate genocidal starvation of millions of Russian Christians. (Somebody commenting at GoV linked to the official Soviet government ethnicity records.) Remember being taught at school how the "Germans" sent Lenin "in a sealed train" to Russia "as a virus"? He wasn't too lonely on the journey; there were about 200 Russian Jewish Bolsheviks who had arrived from the USA (mainly, New York) to accompany him. The "Communist Revolution" is only the latest in a long, tragic history which pre-dates Christ but one in which it is primarily Christians who have been the victims for the longest period.