Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TIME is running out...

My photographic feature in today's essay -- juxtaposing the recent tribute to Angela Merkel by TIME magazine with the one they published in 1938 of Adolf Hitler -- may seem alarmist, and Heaven knows all sorts of conspiracy-theory associations could, and would, be assumed about me on that basis alone.  My 17.5 readers know me well enough, however, to dispel such goings-there.

The message I wish to convey in expatiating on these two images is subtler than the quasi-Breivikian hammer which seems so common (albeit incoherently milder) in the Counter-Jihad as a crude tool to deal with the thorny problems radiating out of Islam.  First off, everyone knows (or should know) that when TIME magazine has chosen someone to display as "Person of the Year" (a PC spasm where in the good old days they had no qualms calling it "Man of the Year"), the honoree is not always being honored warmly; as TIME magazine explained their Adolf Hitler cover, they were merely acknowledging someone who up to that point had changed history -- for good or ill.  So TIME magazine should not be faulted for displaying Adolf in '38 in that critical spirit; but should be faulted for genuinely and warmly honoring Angela in '15.  For while the former was indeed a demon, the latter is no angel.

However, the message I wish to convey with my photographic juxtaposition is not that Angela Merkel represents a "new Hitler" in the same sense as the original, but an odd paradox fostered by PC MC -- with an effect almost of an artifact or optical illusion.  To wit: Precisely because Merkel represents the "Never Again" mantra twisted by PC MC, the very same anti-Hitler stance she embodies (of the Left, of Communism, and of PC MC, all promiscuously bedfellows even though most of them don't realize it) is enabling another Hitler to rise -- the other Hitler of Hitler's actual ideological ally: Muslims.

In a recent essay on the TIME tribute to Merkel, and contrasting it to the actual Argumentum ad Hitlerem insinuations by the mainstream against Trump, Diana West writes:

...Hitler and Islam do mesh well, although for reasons that have nothing to do with counter-jihad measures of immigration control as advocated by Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and other Western leaders intent on saving the West in this latest historical cycle of expansionist Islam.

What Diana West is noticing there is this paradox unfolding in action in various ways throughout our West as it confronts the metastasizing problem of Islam in our time -- or rather, as it avoids having to confront it by going into yoga pretzels of logic, resulting in demonizing as the New Hitler all the "Islamophobic" critics of the Real New Hitler: the followers of Islam.

Now, with a Merkel, with her East German Communist past, we are evidently not dealing with a garden-variety PC MC, but with a full-blown Leftist if not one whose ideological past still informs her idealism.  Even she could be a starry-eyed idealist, however (but then, many enablers of Stalin's horrors were starry-eyed idealists too, and the line between sincerely starry-eyed admiration and actual collusion can become blurry, even if we must exercise caution & casuistry here to make distinctions we would not make with Mohammedans).

֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍

It's about time Merkel got a fitting tribute as did old Adolf of yesteryear; but a mainstream organ like TIME is not the one about to do it -- other than with a colossal display of unintended irony.

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Egghead said...

Or, the very few powers that be use symbols to declare their intentions: Hitler announced WWII and Merkel announces WWIII.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened to the Merkel who said that multiculturalism had failed. One would think that from such an insight, policy changes for Germany would follow. Was her statement a moment of reluctant and painful lucidity, or a strange aberration like a monkey with a pistol who happens to hit a bullseye, or a very near bullseye? With her doctorate in quantum chemistry she cannot use the feeble excuse of cognitive impairment. Alternatively, maybe she can, since she claims that by age eighty, she will be gaga. Did she go gaga early and see the truth but return to her Socialist-Leftist dogma, or did something else happen?

As a relatively new, .25 reader of the .5 part of your readership, what conspiracy theory are you talking about?

Humor me if you don’t mind. I promise not to bite.

Yorick of Snarkinore

Anonymous said...

Humor me if you don’t mind...

Never mind Hesperado. I've just read two of the linked essays on Breivik. I think I have an idea now.

Yorick SNRK

Egghead said...

'What would Malala do?'

Because the West should make our immigration policy according to a Pakistani Muslim teenage girl who was forced to MOVE to England after fellow Muslims SHOT her in the head for simply going to school!

Just a thought, why doesn't Malala offer 'advice' to Pakistan OR in Pakistan?

The comments are pretty brutal - if you wonder if people are catching on....

Egghead said...

Let's learn about Sharia Law:

Hesperado said...

Yorick, Merkel's pronouncement about multiculturalism could have been an expression of disappointment at the implementation, still holding on to the goal; or some say she felt she had to give a bone to the growing "right wing" sentiment in Germany in order to maintain her power base.

Myxlplik said...

The Lefts PC/MC immigration policy regarding Islam is on a collision course with history, and there just isn't any wiggle room. Someone's getting ethnically cleansed, there will be many Hitlers, enough to go around on both sides.

Merkel, having created the problem, would rather go down as just another kind hearted Liberal.

Egghead said... just another kind hearted Liberal whose fully committed Communist parents voluntarily CHOSE to relocate from West Germany to East Germany! just another kind hearted Liberal who grew up to lead the Communist youth propaganda program for East Germany! just another kind hearted Liberal who grew up to lead combined Germany and publicly offered for unlimited Muslim immigrants to come to Germany, thus causing Muslim immigrants to come through and to the rest of Europe where Muslim immigrants will quickly gain free travel between countries in the West. just another kind hearted Liberal creating a hot war situation which will necessitate other countries to intervene to 'save' Europe.

Hesperado said...

A brief review of some of the Jihad Watch comments of Jihad Watch regular "Myxlplik" shows him to be a garden-variety counter-jihadist; so it's not surprising he thinks the future will devolve into "many Hitlers, enough to go around on both sides". That's awfully generous of him to apportion out Hitlers so fairly and equally to Muslims and the West; but there is no good evidence that there will be Hitlers on our side, while there is a mountain of evidence indicating that Muslims and their Islam constitute the only Hitler on the horizon. For has "Myxlplik" so soon forgotten that the Classic Coke Hitler, Adolf, allied himself with Muslims and admired Islam? And that neo-Nazis and their ilk in our time tend to hate Jews and support Palestinians (when they are not making common cause with Islamic jihad)? And that after atrocity after atrocity perpetrated by Muslims against the West, there has not been the slightest backlash against Muslims? The only sign of a "new Hitler" from the Counter-Jihad comes only in the form of irresponsible Armchair Counter-Jihadists like "Myxlplik" who, in absence of concrete evidence, grumble & rumble ominously of what the West will do to Muslims.

Not to mention that the irresponsible meme that there will be "many Hitlers, enough to go around on both sides" strongly implies that the West will have no choice but to go "full Hitlerian" against Muslims -- as though any measures we would take in self-defense, however harsh, would be tantamount to "going Hitler". With this logic, we would be compelled to say that the Allied Powers who fought valiantly against the Axis Powers (Hitler, Mussolini & Hirohito) were just as Hitlerian as the actual Hitler they were opposing.

And no doubt if I pointed this out on Jihad Watch comments, Angemon would swoop in to pester and mock me, while his brainless cheerleader Champ would chirp alongside, and graven image and the rest of the Peanut Gallery would pretend not to notice, or if I pressed the issue, would appear out of the woodwork to chide me, not Angemon.

Yet another reason why I left the Jihad Watch comments community.

Egghead said...

Yes, Hesp, it is interesting to ponder if anyone would think, 'There will be many Mohammeds - or Stalins or Maos, enough to go around on both sides.'

This brings to the fore so many points of note:

1) Muslims still name their sons Mohammed today because Mohammed is a HERO-GOD figure to them! Do Christians name their sons Hitler - or even Adolf? Obviously, Christians do NOT because Hitler is a villain to Christians. Do Communists name their sons Stalin or Mao? I will google it and see what I find.

2) What does 'both sides' mean? It is a very pregnant phrase that bears further examination.

Myxlplik said...

My personal opinion is that the counter jihad movement will fail in regards to mitigating Islamization. There is no example in the historical record which would suggest that western civilization/culture will occupy the same geography as Islamic civilization/culture without one trying to dominate the other.

Just looking back at these sorts of conflicts, when people start dying in large numbers like WW2 for instance (I assume armed conflict involving Islamisized regions within the western world at some point), strange things happen. For instance America's entire population of Japanese citizens were interned for the duration of the war. I talked with my late Grandparents about it, and everyone in America who wasn't Japanese was for it. Was it "Hitlerian" to intern the Japanese? I'll let you decide.

I think the current counter jihad movement understands the danger posed by introducing a large population of people who adhere to a religious/political ideology which is inimical to the western values of freedom of conscious, expression, and sovereignty of the individual. The current counter jihad movement is about education, and avoiding conflict through democratic means.

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you Hesp, that western culture has created its own share of villains, who at this point are not represented by the current counter jihad movement. Unfortunately we seem to be on a collision course with history, it breaks my heart to say.

Myxlplik said...


We are the same in regards to our love of our culture/civilization, and are inspired to talk about it. I just don't like engaging in conflicts with fellow counter-jihadists, because when it gets personal it becomes counter productive, and in my opinion we are losing so it's not something we can afford.

It's just numbers, when the baby boomers drop from the electorate, all hope of democratic solutions are gone for Europe. Time is running out.... And like your moniker, "hope" has not been replaced by desperation just yet.

Stay frosty.

Anonymous said...


Monsieur Explique, what democratic solutions for Europe do you mean? Would I be wrong to say that you see Islam as the problem in Europe and not the Muslims living there? Or is that just too simplistic?

One other question: Have the baby boomers done anything useful for Europe so far?

Yorick of Snarkinore

Egghead said...

Democracy is mob rule: Two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

There are at many more than two sides in this conflict where the two wolves are Communism and Islam voting to eat the Christian lamb.

Of course, there are layers to Communism (really Jewish oligarchy and useful idiot atheist fools who fail to understand or care that they serve a Jewish oligarchy) and Islam (Sunni versus Shia - although supposedly the Saudi royal family has admitted to Jewish ancestry).

Islam is a problem everywhere - and so is Communism - but Communism imported Islam to the West.

If the PCMC definition of personal and cultural self defense is villainy - well, that is very self destructive to the concept of self defense - as fully intended by Communists who accurately assessed Western Christian weaknesses (guilt and guilt by association).

Never draw a gun that you do not intend to use. Who is drawing the gun of Islam in the West? The New World Order Communists are drawing and aiming the loaded gun of Islam at Westerners (mainly Christians - but also useful idiot atheists).

Anonymous said...


Just now, my post to you looks flippant. It's my manner. Though I do tend to be snarky, I didn't mean to sound mean, and I do want to know what you mean by "democratic solutions for Europe."

Yorick of Snarkinore

Egghead said...

Well, Hesp, you can add Rizwan's friend Marquez to your gallery of smiling Muslims. He was a convert to Islam.

Egghead said...

Muslims, the new Jews:

Myxlplik said...


It's cool, snark away, I don't take any of this personally. If there are flaws in my logic I appreciate having them sussed out. If it provides you with some entertainment on the way then , all the better.

Not ignoring, just super busy with work.

Egghead touches on some good points regarding the Left seeking to power grab through immigrational gerrymandering, as the mood of their population is starting to shift away from them.

Muslims will vote Left, because that's where the goodies are.

Hesperado said...

Myxlplik's ambivalence about the internment of Japanese-Americans is very telling. There should be no doubt in the Counter-Jihad that internment was NOT "Hitlerian". To even think it might have been is to reveal a degree of PC MC infection in one's heart & mind. And Myxlplik isn't the only one who feels this way; I've encountered the phenomenon numerous times in various venues. As I've said many times, no wonder the West is so massively PC MC about Islam, when even in the Counter-Jihad one sees the effects of PC MC's worldview in the form of various spasms, tics, reflexes, coughs, sneezes, and burps...

This "We Might Become Like Them if We Fight Too Hard to Defend Ourselves" meme really has got to go. The West could not become like Muslims in a million years (I refer to the true West, that rallied to fight the pathogen of the eruption of Gnostic pneumopathology in the form of Nazism and, at least for a while and fitfully, valiantly opposed that other Gnostic pneumopathology, Communism).

Hesperado said...

Thanks Egghead for that additional info on Marquez; I hadn't kept up on that. It's amazing how the media in the aftermath of San Bernadino, even after speaking with authorities, kept describing Marquez as a hapless friend of Farook.

I found a perfect Smiling Face pic for him:

Myxlplik said...

By democratic solutions, for the sake of simplification I'll assume the Constitutional Republic model.. The solutions could not be extra Constitutional, and the leadership implementing the policies would need to be elected.

The AFDI, and SIOE has published an 18 point plan to mitigate Islamization, and Robert Spencer has his own Sandboxing Islam idea, which for a start would work. Geert Wilders has also mentioned non-violent solutions which include the deportation of "millions of Muslims".

There is no way forward unless we can stop all Islamic immigration immediately, so any discussion beyond that as to how to deal with the problem is basically superfluous. The government implementing these policies would need to be elected, which leads to the Baby Boomer conundrum. When the Baby Boomer bubble goes away, as the number of Muslims rise the degree of probability of forming a voting block sufficient to implement anti-Islamization policies goes down precipitously. On one hand we need honest discourse between those in the counter jihad movement, but also the message can't be too radical either, so as to scare off more gentle elements within the needed electorate.

I think at this juncture it's dangerous and counter productive to talk about any form of ethnic cleansing within the counter jihad movement. Personally, I think it's draconian, and in this case a tragedy which hopefully can be avoided. At this point though, it's pretty clear, like egg said the Left has a gun (Muslims) pointed at us. The numbers, which Geert states are ethnic cleansing, and I agree with them, and his reasoning. I think what happened to the Japanese was horrible, but it's a well know fact that Japanese spy's who were hiding within their communities were reporting information back to Japan, and it was basically impossible to spot who was doing it. We can agree, to never call Roosevelt, Geert, et al Hitlerian, but it's a tragic sign of our times that such things may be necessary once again.

Anonymous said...

tragic sign of our times...

Ok Myxlplik, I've never seen the 18 point plans by AFDI or SIOE, but I will look them up. And I'll write a proper answer to your post when I can.

December really is a busy time.


Hesperado said...

"There is no way forward unless we can stop all Islamic immigration immediately, so any discussion beyond that as to how to deal with the problem is basically superfluous."

Myxlplik apparently is under the impression that my advocacy of the Total Deportation Meme is meant as a policy recommendation for tomorrow morning, or for a week after this coming Tuesday.

Egghead said...

What is tremendously worrying is that the media via the 1) false Pope and 2) push polls is now actively promoting that Europeans should volunteer (or even more ominously be volun-told) to house violent young Muslim men in their personal residences.

This is Europeans being asked/forced to quarter troops for an enemy occupation - and I can see a situation where these are the horrible house guests who never leave - and then one night the Muslim men just up and kill the European men in their sleep - which is a war tactic that has been used before in history.

How would you solve the problem of no men at all in Europe - except Muslim men?

Maybe 20 million Chinese men need wives....

Egghead said...

Lost another comment to censors.

I said that Muslims are forcing the West to discuss a way forward under less than ideal circumstances.

Robin-Frans Winkel said...


Do a little math: 500 million "whites", 1.500 million Muslims means that only one in three Muslims can have a "white" girl as sex slave, while EVERY male "white" could have THREE Muslim girls as sex slave...

Robert Stark asked me a year ago to do an interview, but he lost the audio tape.

Egghead said...

As has happened before with her and others that you would also recognize....

Egghead said...

Hi Hesp,

When you think that no one is listening, you are wrong.

It appears that Anne read my comment here and used its content: