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I keep learning of new (new to me, that is) Better Cops.

Two more for now:

Boulem Sansal, a Muslim novelist of apparently dual French and Algerian citizenship (choosing to live in his wealthy home in Algeria paid for by his artistic celebrity), of a lithe and wiry frame, sporting a fashionably chic ponytail and dressed perpetually down (you know, a white t-shirt, black suit jacket, guaraches) as befits a French artiste (he must be quite the Brown arm candy to have on hand at cocktail parties and salon soirées for the Parisian counter-intelligentsia...).  His most recent novel, 2084 (oh so clever reference to Orwell's classic) -- incidentally reflecting a wave of dystopian tomorrows imagined by various Frenchmen, all centrally involving an indigestible Islam causing troubled dreams -- refers to a globally totalitarian and imperialistic Islam in the not-distant-enough future.

Aside from the mere fact that Sansal is a Muslim -- which, in the eyes of the Counter-Jihad (if they were not blinkered as they are) would be sufficient to damn him without further ado -- we find (when we know what we're looking for) that little nugget of a meme that never fails to come from any and all of these Better Cops.  Here, Sansal is opining to his interviewer about the "extremist" Islam currently plaguing not only France, but the whole world:

Sansal tells the interviewer that it is “...‘not the Islam I knew in my childhood...’ (pas l’islam que j’ai connu dans mon enfance...).”

And then this about the Islam he knew in his childhood:

“From a minor custom that didn't cause any trouble, it has passed into a thunderous reality.” (...d’une petite pratique qui ne dérangeait pas, il est passé à une réalité tonitruante.)

Thus is subtly telegraphed the notion that Islam in its essence is okay; the problems only began lately, with "Wahhabism", or "Salafism" or other permutations of "radical extremism", which only began relatively recently.  And once we detach the problems of Islam from Islam, we can better attach them to, oh, perhaps some faults of the West (Colonialism, post-Colonial "meddling", etc., ad Islamonauseam).

Yet another Better Cop whose notice has appeared in the peripheral vision of the twitching left eye of Chief Inspector Dreyfus is one Salim Mansur.  My attention was caught when, during a video conversation between the courageous UK activist Anne Marie Waters and the vaguely oily Lebanese Canadian Jew Gid Saad on his radio show The Saad Truth, the latter hastened anxiously to alert his viewers that there exist good & decent Muslims out there like his friend Salim Mansur, who feels our pain and decries the horrible problems Islam is causing the world.

So I Googled Salim Mansur, and wouldn't you know it, within 15 minutes I stumbled across that little nugget of a meme.  As Robert Sibley summarizes and describes a recent debate between Mansur and Doug Saunders (some white PC MC idiot defending Muslims):

“Certainly, many Muslim immigrants will come here to escape the oppression that has taken hold in parts of the Muslim world, where, according to Mansur, the diversity that once characterized the faith was gradually lost after Saudi Arabia began spending billions of petro-dollars to promote its wahhabist traditions with its demands for jihad and shari’ah compliance.”

And notice the two-fer in that summation, where Mansur also slips in the notion that among the Muslim immigrants he is warning about from the Better side of his mouth, are an innumerable Many who are "escaping the oppression that has taken hold in parts of the Muslim world"; thus implying that there exist decent Muslims who desperately seek Sandwiches no longer available in their cruel, essentially un-Islamic regimes of Wahhabist Extremism...  Etc., ad Islamonauseam.

Prompting the question, who is the real Useful Idiot here, Doug Saunders, who defends Muslim immigrants willy-nilly, or the mildly counter-jihad Robert Sibley, who pats himself on the back for throwing caution to the winds in order to embrace a Better Cop...?


Anonymous said...


We are Refugees, if You Please

30donkeys said...

How the Pakistanis love to point a finger at the Saudis. Or South Asians at Arabs. A Pakistani girl I was driving with a while ago blew up at Gulfies, apropos of not much. “All they know is camels – that’s what my father said!” When I hear a Salim Mansur or an Irshad Manji or a Tarek Fatah (or “diversity consultant” Raheel Raza) deflecting blame onto Riyadh, it seems to me that beneath the squawking is a bass note of racial contempt. For their part, of course, the Saudis think the Pakistanis are fit to be slaves.

DP111, very good!

Egghead said...

Just for fun, Google Hijra and see what you get.

30donkeys said...

Egghead, Interesting. Migration as flight from one’s gender. And they can still identify as Muslim. Their jihad is self-mutilation, I suppose.

Egghead said...

Thanks! This 'selection' of misleading links is an example of purposeful misinformation by Google. A simple search of Hijra USED to lead to 'real' information. Now you need to really know what you are searching for - and add specific search terms to get to 'real' information.

I looked up Hijra in order to provide a link that would explain the European invasion to USA innocents. Based on what popped up, I thought that I had misspelled the word?! But no, I had needed to add more specific search terms....

And yet, Google knows enough about Hijra to autocorrect it with a Capital H.