Monday, January 11, 2016

Is the person half headless or half bodiless?

The optimist would say the latter, the pessimist would say the former.  Think of it as the gruesome variation on the "Glass Half Empty/Half Full" bromide.

And even more grotesquely, optimists like Sam Harris and Frank Gaffney and Bill Maher -- in trusting their better halves Maajid Nawaz, Zuhdi Jasser and Asra Nomani, respectively -- put their trust in lying snakes who pretend to be horrified at the very things which their sainted "best model of all conduct", Muhammad, preached and practiced.


Richard James said...

"[L}ying snakes who pretend to be horrified at the very things which their sainted "best model of all conduct", Muhammad, preached and practiced."

Beautifully succinct, Hesp!

That's the problem of Islamic Reformers and Islamic Reform in a single simple sentence. You cannot reform Islam without removing Muhammad and the Medinan surahs of the Koran. If you do so there is no Islam left, if you don't do so you are left with the vile Muhammad as Islam's prime exemplar (no point in my listing the nature of his abominations, you and almost everyone else who has read so far know them as well as or better than I do) and with the oppressive, aggressive, violent Medinan Surahs.

The likes of Maajid Nawaz, ex Hizb ut-Tahrir, know the nature of their Muhammad and their Koran and so must know that Islam isn't capable of reform so they must be engaged in deceit when they claim to be reformers.

It's not hard to think it through: you get it, I get it, a few other people get it. So why is it so hard to persuade people like Robert Spencer, who have all the facts to hand, that Muslim reformers are either deceiving us or - if stupid - deceiving themselves?

It's one thing when people who haven't educated themselves about Islam and Muslims think the religion can't really be as bad as we know it is, it's utterly another when people who know how vile it is in every aspect - again the perfect example is Spencer - believe and promote the misbegotten idea that there are sincere intelligent muslim reformers out there.

My advice to any Muslim who has reached the point of serious doubt about Islam is not "try to reform Islam" but "find another religion, or leave religion behind altogether. If you want to be a strict monotheist then convert to Judaism, Unitarian Christianity, Sikhism, but get as far away from Islam as you can and work to convince others how bad it is".

"You need to realise that by being a Muslim you have lived your life so deeply nestled in the heart of an abomination that you cannot see how utterly evil it is, and those of your family and friends who remain Muslim remain nestled in that abomination".

That, I'm certain, is not only a very hard thing for a doubting Muslim to accept but also the wrench away from family and friend it almost inevitably will bring must be agonisingly painful.

I suspect two large parts of the problems we face in convincing others of the necessity to deal with Islam and Muslims as firmly you and I know we must are that most non-muslims cannot believe that Islam and Muslims are as evil as they appear to be, and that Muslims themselves are so steeped, usually from birth, in the perverse practices and culture of Islam that they sincerely believe their evil religion is the ultimate good and their sincerity itself misleads so many of us.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

put their trust in lying snakes who pretend to be horrified at the very things which their sainted "best model of all conduct", Muhammad, preached and practiced.

Excellent, and to the point.

Hesperado said...

Thanks again, Richard and DP111. Yes, to me the problem shifts in terms of fascination past the Problem of the Problem (why the mainstream so gullibly swallows the propaganda of Moderate Muslims) to the tertiary Problem of the Problem of the Problem -- why so many in the Counter-Jihad become strangely enervated (if not positively supportive) when in the presence of these Better Cop Muslims like Maajid Nawaz, Zuhdi Jasser, Irshad Manji, and Irshad Manji.

One also sees, more and more, an interesting parallel phenomenon -- where PC MC supporters of Good Cop Muslims (and, by extension, of Muslims in general) vilify these the Better Cop Muslims and their Counter-Jihad supporters -- thus interestingly reinforcing their "counter-jihad street cred", for the likes of Maajid Nawaz and Sam Harris can say (and actually have said), "Hey look, we're being called 'Islamophobic' by these 'regressive Leftists' and their 'Uncle Tom' Muslim allies -- we must be doing something right, eh...!?" Etc. One is tempted to suspect direct conscious collusion here between the Good Cops and the Better Cops (a collusion utterly unknown to their non-Muslim supporters, needless to say).

Anonymous said...

Your points commentary and analysis are fine.

Be great if you could not post gruesome pics like that at least not without some kind of warning or click-through or 'below the fold' or something. Not needed to make your point.

Richard James said...


I disagree with you about Hesp using photographs like that of the beheaded woman without warning.

I don't know whether this poor woman was beheaded by Muslims, was or wasn't Muslim herself, or if she was the victim of - say - a South American drug cartel. We need shocking into a realisation of what it means when a news service reports euphemises that someone was "executed by militants". It is bloody, it is cruel, it is appalling - and whatever the origins of this particular photograph and this poor victim - it is something that Muslims do and that Islamic Scripture commands.

I deliberately seek out online video footage of Muslim atrocities, particularly Islamic State videos, specifically to remind myself of the utter vileness of Islam and of Muslims who at the very best silently assent to these abominations.

We should not hide from these things. These things now happen every day. I live in Northern England. In a town near my home is an impromptu memorial to Alan Henning, a local taxi-driver duped by local Muslims into going to Syria to do charity work and there beheaded by the Islamic State. I work near a University where a visiting student was stabbed to death by an Arab Muslim who had minutes earlier been witnessed reading and reciting from the Koran.

These Islamic murders are very real and we should not wish to have them or their like hidden from our eyes. We need to realise that this is Islam pure and this is what Muslims support by venerating Muhammad.

Hesperado said...

I would defend my use of such ghoulish pictures (and this is only the second time I've done it in ten years and over 1,000 posts) this way: Only those who support total deportation of all Muslims have a right to object to such photos.

Egghead said...

Although the photo is terribly sad, the reality is sadder. Someday soon, we WILL literally see such bodies on our streets!

Twenty years ago, my sister had a Peruvian boyfriend who had to leave his car to move a dead HUMAN body to the side of the road so that he could drive.

Now days, that would be a booby trap to cause others to stop and be robbed, kidnapped, and/or murdered.

People need to know the stakes!

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes...

Egghead wrote:Although the photo is terribly sad, the reality is sadder. Someday soon, we WILL literally see such bodies on our streets!

We already have it. Remember Lee Rigby - a loyal soldier of the realm of HM Queen Elizabeth, slaughtered by two Muslims. The two were probably living on Benefits, as I cant see them employed in any job except the most menial.

The BBC and the media tried to first hide, then obfuscate the magnitude of the crime.
What crime? An act of war committed by a soldier of allah against the realm of her majesty.

If we had been living in any self respecting age, then this would have been treated as an act of war, and all soldiers of allah, that is Muslims, would have banished.

Egghead said...

Yes, of course. You are correct. What happened to Lee Rigby serves as a terrible warning to us all.