Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quantum Stupidity

" friend, the eminently rational Muslim reformer, Asra Nomani..."

Those are the words of Sam Harris, as I noted in an earlier post, in his most recent podcast, uttered in the same breath in which he is intelligently critiquing the false moderation of Good Cop Dalia Mogahed.  A different kind of reformer from Dalia Mogahed, Asra Nomani is what I have called a "Better Cop" -- more adept at pulling the wool over the eyes of brilliant numbskulls like Sam Harris and Bill Maher, among many others who have been waking up (but still half asleep, apparently) to the problem of Islam.

Another ineptly sly Good Cop whose deceptions Sam Harris can see through is Reza Aslan -- about whom Harris has podcasted and written many times, invariably pointing out the mean-spirited (not to mention mendacious) nature of Aslan's propaganda.

And guess what?  When one takes 15 seconds to visit the personal website of Sam Harris's sainted friend, the eminently rational Muslim reformer, Asra Nomani, what does one find?  A page promoting and praising ...  Reza Aslan.

Years ago, I developed the concept of "Quantum Ignorance" -- but this is a deeper level of denial.  Call it Quantum Stupidity.  Shame on Sam.


Egghead said...

Again, how are we to measure whether 'naturalized' Muslims are assimilated?

Egghead said...

Go to Jan 12 comment and note that the atheist humanist forum that I described showed the pornograghic anti-Christian Charlie Hebdo cartoon for a LONG time on a very large overhead screen but NEVER showed or described the Mohammed cartoon.

Egghead said...

The entire galliawatch website is worth a read.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes...

Unless we have a separation of Islam and Muslims from the West, Western civilisation is finished. The separation needs to take place without forced repatriation, if possible. Otherwise it will sully our civilisation for hundreds of years. The separation needs be voluntary.

A possible solution

1. We have to intervene in more Muslim countries, even more frequently, to weed out the “radicals”, and to take liberal democracy to these unfortunate countries. Unfortunately, this will inflame the situation even more among Muslims in the Muslim world, including Muslims in the West. Why I have no idea, as we are only trying to help the Islamic word, and bring it to the 21st century.

2. At the same time, close the door to Muslim immigration to the West, which one sees is about to take place.

Time is short. Repeat prescription 1.

This particular prescription will focus the minds of everyone involved this war of cultures. A choice will have to be made fairly soon thereafter.