Monday, March 28, 2016

Outdated Counter-Jihad OS, part 2

Following up on my last post on this subtopic of the Problem of the Problem of the Problem, we see Robert Spencer's editorial remark conspicuously (above the fold) memeing an outdated reflex.  In response to the headline -- "Germany wants Muslim migrants to integrate or lose their rights to residency" -- Spencer writes:

In light of the supremacist, authoritarian, discriminatory and violent aspects of Sharia, this should be an ironclad and irrevocable requirement, and not just in Germany, but everywhere. 

No, Mr. Spencer, this "should" not be a requirement, ironclad or otherwise.  Some behavior should only be a requirement for the good of society if we have a good reason to think it's going to be done by a sufficient number of people concerned.  The Counter-Jihad should know by now -- particularly, Mr. Spencer, after having digested all the data which your site, Jihad Watch, has been amassing for over 13 years -- that Muslims will not truly integrate into our societies in numbers sufficient to make a difference.  We furthermore should know by now that their failure to integrate is not merely a matter of aesthetic or cultural problems, but is a dire security concern increasingly endangering our societies, with a horrible trajectory into the coming decades leading to our destruction if we don't start doing something to shift our paradigm.

We need to stop expecting Muslims to change.  As I wrote in a recent comment on Jihad Watch in response to various Spence loyalists who seem to be similarly lagging behind in vision:

Yes, the time for [expecting] apologies [from Muslims] should be over (but it’s not, unfortunately). And the time for discussion and debates should be over (but it’s not, unfortunately). And that’s just with regard to the counter-jihad. The broader mainstream isn’t even to the point of demanding apologies, while discussion and debates are going on, but only carefully ensured to have the right answer beforehand, rather than open-ended as they should be. While we’re waiting for a genuine, honest Conversation about this from all sides — and getting only dishonest sophistry & taqiyya (or, on the side of the counter-jihad, wishful expectancy of something different) — the problem is getting horribly worse, and the destruction of our civilization is unfolding before our eyes like a disastrous train wreck in a century-long slow-mo. Before this twenty-first century ends, the West will be destroyed, unless it stops indulging in the nonsense of political correctness with its many shibboleths, chief among which is the notion (shared by many in the counter-jihad) that not all Muslims are the problem.

Given this, why is Mr. Spencer still shoulding Muslims?  And why is he communicating this outdated meme front and center to the Counter-Jihad of which he is one eminent leader?

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