Monday, March 14, 2016

Things that are supposed to trump Trump

Riffing off my previous posting -- The CJM polarized by Trump? -- it occurred to me that the robust disagreement going on in that Jihad Watch comments thread (nearly 300 by now) basically amounts to people wrestling & wrangling with the elementary principle:  Trump has a lot of flaws, but he's the best out there.

Why would this even be controversial at all in the Counter-Jihad?  Because Trump has an off-putting manner?  One would need a hell of a lot more to trump Trump than his seeming oafishness.

Of course, the glaring mote in his eye many in the CJM can't seem to put behind them were his hamfisted remarks in the wake of the Garland event.  At the time, I had the same reaction:  I concluded that Trump would not be a worthy Presidential candidate.  That was a rational conclusion at the time.  Then new data came along -- Trump's unprecedented call for a moratorium on all Muslim immigration, and then more recently, his "Islam hates us" remark -- and I changed my mind.  I apologize for changing my mind on the basis of new data.

We can look at this from the angle of posing the question of those in the CJM (Counter-Jihad Mainstream) who don't seem to like him:  Why reject the only American politician who has gone the furthest toward criticism of Islam?

Some of the Jihad Watch regulars imply -- or in cases downright asseverate -- that Trump is a fascist demagogue, and that this is precisely why we need to resist this desperate need we have in the Counter-Jihad for someone to save us from Islam.  This might be a cogent argument if one could prove that Trump were in fact a fascist demagogue; but from what I've seen, this remains an assertion informed more by theoretical fear than actual evidence.

And this theoretical fear isn't just random and free-floating; it has roots in the PC MC worldview that sees "another Hitler" as being a perpetual potential -- and as being, necessarily, right-wing and white (and, therefore, Islamophobic).   Hence my term "asymptotic" to denote those in the Counter-Jihad who nevertheless retain reflexes of PC MC in their hearts & minds.  If one wants to read vivid examples of this, one couldn't find better than the various comments of a Jihad Watch regular "wild jew" (go here and scroll around).

Others in the CJM who may not go that far nevertheless don't like Trump for milder reasons -- they seem to have higher priorities than the problem of Islam; hence other issues they think a Cruz or a Rubio (or even a Bernie Sanders, Allah help us) can better handle tends, in their mind, to trump Trump.  Silly me, but I think if you have higher sociopolitical priorities than the problem of Islam, you shouldn't be in the Counter-Jihad.


Richard James said...

I don't live in the USA so I have no vote in your elections.

I live in the UK where the mainstream political parties are either islamo- and muslimophilic or deeply dependent on muslim votes to get elected. Consequently, in any election I vote for the minority party with the strongest opposition to islam and to immigration with the hope that an increased vote for such parties will signal to the mainstream parties that they need to start doing something or lose support.

The Parties for which I vote are parties whose policies are otherwise largely not in my interest. Still, I vote for them because I believe Islam and Muslims are the greatest threat my country and civilisation presently face.

I don't like Donald Trump, I don't like many of the more general policies he is promoting, but if I could vote in the Primaries and in the coming Election I would vote for Trump because he is the only US mainstream politician who has put forward any practical policy for dealing with Muslims. And I mean Muslims. Without Muslims to enact its evil injunctions Islamic scripture is a dead letter.

I wonder how many US citizens really understand, understand in their guts, how nasty Muslims are, how manipulative, how violent, how oppressive?

I live in Northern England in a major city. In my local streets veiled women are common, I see them every few minutes when I'm walking around, men in salafi outfits are common, the Police stand idly by while muslims block major roads slaughtering sheep in the street for Eid, where it is hard to buy food, fresh or prepared, that isn't halal, where a local taxi driver who supported muslims ended up beheaded by ISIS in Syria, where at least one family of Muslims has been prosecuted for slavery, the City where the al-Qaeda Handbook was first seized in 2000, where a young woman was knifed to death by a Muslim reciting the Koran only for that muslim murderer to be spirited out of the country with the connivance of our own government, where it is dangerous in some areas to walk at night - or even in daylight - for fear of Muslim aggression, where a major Government "Refugee" centre vomits more Muslims onto our city's streets by the day.

I suspect that outside of towns like Dearborn few US citizens, even those in the CJM, have little personal experience of how bad this problem is, have little personal experience of Muslims at all, and how important it is to vote for Donald Trump not because they like him or even think he would make a good President but because the muslim problem is now metastasising at great speed and Trump is the only game in town.

Egghead said...

Due to very widespread cheating (see True the Vote), votes are now merely internal polls for cheaters - benchmarks for elites to measure 'progress' towards one world government.

When elites cheat via voting machines, elites also LEARN the real numbers and profiles of concerned citizens.

Upon knowing the true numbers of Trump voters in each county in the United States, it is trivially easy for the federal government to import enough Democrat voters via infinite immigrant amnesty and Muslim refugee relocation to 'democratically' overwhelm patriotic opposition to the one world government - county by county - and achieve the desired votes - and also outcome - at some future point.

Of course, the desired outcome is the complete cessation of any and all dissent to the one world government.

Egghead said...

The censors are out in force tonight: