Friday, April 22, 2016

An apple a day keeps the Muslim away...

Years ago, while helping a friend study for the international N-CLEX nursing exam, I noticed the review manual (Complete Review for NCLEX-RN, 2007 edition) had a section on “Cultural Diversity” issues buried way in the back of this telephone book-sized manual (in Unit IX, “Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing”, on pages 1050-1051) -- and within that section was a subsection on “Arab American” (amid many other hyphenated Americans, including the Classic Coke African-Americans), which mentions a few interesting details about the members of this particular subculture.

Under the subsection “Health and Illness Beliefs” we find:

“8. Immediate pain relief is expected and may be persistently requested.”

And then, under the subsection “Nursing Interventions” we find:

“1. Be aware that the client will be persistent in the request for pain medication.”

The fact that a manual like this, with a million other facts to explain & report, would go out of its way to note this, must mean it is indeed significant and prevalent. And I checked the other hyphenated Americans (Hispanic-American, African-American, Asian-American, Native American) -- none of them share this curious detail with the Arab-Americans.

Other interesting details listed there include:

“2. Arab Americans believe that God or the prophet Muhammed is omnipotent and cause for all health and illness.” [Interesting, eh? Ever notice how Muslims insist they “don’t worship Mohammed”…? Methinks that’s just another lie in their kit-bag of kitman…]


“7. …invasive therapies are seen as superior to nonnoninvasive therapies.” [Translation: “Doctor, I have a migraine, please behead me!]

P.S.: That “Arab American” is being used metonymously for Muslims may be gleaned from the fact that under the subsection “Religion and Spirituality” for Arab Americans, Islam is the predominant topic (and even for the small minority of non-Muslim Arab Americans, we reasonably suppose residues of cultural and psychological dhimmitude -- i.e., the insidious sway of Islam on their psyches).

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Inquiring minds want to know: Were the 'founders' of Shriners (who have always been mainly Masons) secret converts to Islam OR unwitting victims of dawah via Arab 'diplomacy'?

Additionally, actors and Arabs are often homosexuals, so that 'secret' EXTRA male Mason society invented for 'fun and fellowship' does make me wonder....

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Censors are back!

Google Shriners and read it!

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