Saturday, April 09, 2016

The A-word, revisited

A Jihad Watch reader (and perhaps a "Jihad Watcher") commended Mark Steyn apropos of a recent Jihad Watch report on how Mark Steyn delivered a blistering counter-attack on a pair of Leftists (Louise Arbour and Simon Schama):
First, quoting from the article --

“…Steyn … went on, ‘Mme Arbour scoffs at the “newfound feminists.” I’m not much of a feminist, but I draw the line at a three year old … and a seven year old getting raped.’ Vigorous applause…”

The Jihad Watch reader writes:

Steyn’s use of the ‘drawing the line’ notion was obviously effective in bringing many in the audience in touch with their conscience. We aught to make use of this notion time and again because it highlights the Achilles Heal of Postmodern attitudes. Today’s Postmodern liberals have lost touch with any base line or standards of human decency; they have lost themselves in a belief system that recognises no essential right or wrong, good or bad, universal human rights or even the sanctity of human life; all is levelled by an abstract notion of cultural relativism, where each cultural entity follows its own rules and values.

‘Drawing the line’ is a fine notion for bringing sanity, compassion and universal expectations for basic decency in behaviour, back into the arena. It is no exaggeration to say that Postmodern amoral logic, takes us so far down it’s path, that we come to accept any level of abuse, even the rape of our children.

The problem with that metaphor, however, is that it’s relative and subjective in the wider marketplace of ideas (a marketplace unfortunately dominated by PC MC). Steyn’s smug opponents here also have a line they draw -- they refuse to “paint with a broad brush” all the decent Muslims who are not raping, not stabbing, not exploding. And on that principle they derive their smugness, feeling on the side of the angels of Liberal Progress against “bigotry” and “racism”.

As long as the Counter-Jihad doesn’t address the Problem of Muslims in General, and articulate an analytical argument defending the proposition that all Muslims are the problem -- rather than constantly shirking this on the defensive and thereby playing by the rules of the PC MC Mainstream paradigm (and this is not counting the many Counter-Jihadists who themselves either directly or indirectly defend innumerable Muslims whom we are supposed to conclude are "not extremists" or "not Wahhabis" or "not Salafis" etc.) -- this bickering will continue interminably; while Rome burns around us and the Mohammedans take over the West, step by step, decade upon decade, until this 21st century will be our last in which to live free.

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Egghead said...

"...all is leveled by an abstract notion of cultural relativism, where each cultural entity follows its own rules and values."

I beg to differ. White Western Christian culture is vilified and pilloried and prevented and even legally prohibited from following its own rules and values. As merely one recent example, note the embrace of 'Black Lives Matter' versus the castigation of 'White Lives Matter' and 'All Lives Matter.'

Egghead said...

More here:

Egghead said...

Lots of censors out today! :(

Censored this comment:

As to moral relativism, the Catholic Church itself has become one of the worst enemies of Christ by redefining white Western Christian culture as licentiousness.

Egghead said...

P.S. The joke of calling me antisemitic is that I criticize EVERY religion and lack thereof if I see immorality in action.

Egghead said...

Let's go back for a moment and examine how cultural relativism might be an offshoot of Judaism. A few years ago, I heard a wonderful interview on NPR about 'The Golden Rule.'

The interviewee said that the Jewish Golden Rule was subtly different than the Christian Golden Rule - with huge implications for behavior. To date, I have not been able to find a source for the info that I heard that day. I think the point was that Christians are supposed to treat people as Christians want to be treated, whereas Jews are supposed to treat people as those people would want to be treated (i.e. cultural relativism).

Additionally, when considering the advent of 'hate speech' laws, you should read about Lashon Ha-Ra which would seek to subvert the First Amendment that forms the very basis of Western culture.

Egghead said...

Sure, let's get all brave when its spaghetti: