Friday, June 17, 2016

Christine Williams of Jihad Watch warns of "racist" "backlash"

A new contributing writer at Jihad Watch, Christine Williams, has written some fine pieces by and large; but like another recent contributor there, Danusha Goska, she sometimes has wardrobe malfunctions that reveal an asymptotic hem up her sleeve, so to speak.  To wit, from a recent report she wrote at Jihad Watch:
If Hillary Clinton continues to prevaricate about the threat of Islamic jihad, then she will fuel the worst kind of racism that America has seen. Already, I have personally heard of talk of Sikhs and brown members of other faith communities experiencing heckling and harassment because of what Muslim jihadists have inflicted on our society.

Anger against Muslims is intensified when the death of Americans is trivialized and treated secondarily in order to avoid accusations of racism and Islamophobia. The battle against racism is another battle to be dealt with outside the realms of homeland security...

I can think of no "battle space" in the war of ideas (in Frank Gaffney's fine phrase) where anyone in the Counter-Jihad needs to indulge this anxiety over a racist backlash; it only plays into the hands of the PC MC Mainstream which already beleaguers us with its bullying domination of the cultural atmosphere we must all breathe.

Tut, tut, Christine.

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Egghead said...

Today, on our mainstream Comcast cable company's children's channel, StarKist ran the following 100% Spanish language commercial.

One wonders if this was a mistake - or the start of something more sinister....