Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Before the "Better Cops"

Years before I came up with the term "Better Cop" to denote the type of Muslim apologist who -- unlike the "Good Cop" Muslims who insist that "Islam is a religion of peace" -- slyly pretends to be critical of Islam and dismayed by all the pathologies it is generating in the world, they were still there.  I was noticing them, talking about them, and analyzing them.  I just hadn't hit on that handy term for them.

This lengthy analysis I wrote back in 2008 which I reprise here is just one of those -- taking a long and detailed look at one "False Moderate" as I termed him then, one Naser Khader, a Muslim "reformer" in Denmark.

The analysis there is a good template, generally applicable to any Muslim reformer who comes along with his satchel of snake oil to sell us.

The False Moderates -- and the fools who believe them

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