Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An interesting (hopeful) footnote to the "Mohammed video"


The "Mohammed video" my title refers to is the infamous (and sarcastically titled) "The Innocence of Muslims" which President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cynically lied about as causing the Benghazi "riot" (actually we now know a jihadist commando operation in synch with a Muslim lynch mob) that led to the deaths of our American ambassador Christopher Stevens there as well as a U.S. official, Sean Smith; followed shortly by another attack on another compound nearby, killing two CIA contractors and injuring ten others.

A relevant article published last year about the sordid role Hillary Clinton played in that affair was reported at Jihad Watch:

Documents reveal that Hillary knew all along that Benghazi jihad attack had nothing to do with Muhammad video.

About the same time, I wrote about aspects of the issue, including the filmmaker who made the video:

As of 2012, the Mohammed video producer/filmmaker was sentenced to one year of prison, followed by four years of “supervised release” — the latter meaning that he is out of prison, but has to watch himself or he’ll be arrested again, since he was arrested in 2012 partially because he was already under “supervised release” from a previous problem with the law — “after being convicted in 2010 of bank and credit-card fraud, in which he was accused of causing $800,000 in losses.”
He has multiple aliases: the one as of 2012 was Mark Basseley Youssef, and prior to that it was Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, as well as Sam Basile (or Bacile).


More recently, Jihad Watch had a follow-up story on the filmmaker, reporting that although he is finally a "free" man, he has to live looking over his shoulder as a guest of Rev. Wiley S. Drake, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church, living in the homeless shelter the pastor maintains.  Both the filmmaker and the pastor are being rather brave (or rather reckless) in not hiding the identity and location of the filmmaker -- for innumerable Muslims, a marked man.

Doing a little more Googling, I found interesting further information on a disturbing judicial action in the immediate aftermath, then later signs of hope in the American system:

Apparently, some time perhaps in 2014, the 9th Circuit’s three-judge panel -- led by then-Chief Judge Alex Kozinski ordered Google to take down the video trailer.  

“Prior to issuing an opinion in 2014, the panel had issued a secret order to Google, demanding that it take down the trailer within 24 hours...“

That may sound rather chilling, but to me it’s rather evidence of the irrational lengths which PC MCs will go to in order to anxiously avoid “poking the hornet’s nest” of Muslims they view as volatile, flammable primitives who have no ethical or intellectual ability to control themselves, and whose volatile flammability is our responsibility to try to prevent -- in this case, through emergency censorship.

Anyway, the slender sliver of a silver lining was this:

In 2015 apparently, Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown overturned that order of the 9th Circuit’s three-judge panel — not only using language of legal technicality to do so, but also striking a deeper chord:

Judge McKeown ruled that:

…its injunction was “unwarranted and incorrect as a matter of law,” and “gave short shrift to the First Amendment values at stake,” she added.

“The mandatory injunction censored and suppressed a politically significant film – based upon a dubious and unprecedented theory of copyright. In so doing, the panel deprived the public of the ability to view firsthand, and judge for themselves, a film at the center of an international uproar,” McKeown wrote in her 30-page opinion.


For me, that’s like Reason #317,043 why I don’t think, as some Counter-Jihad Real Problemers do, that America and the rest of the West are hopelessly in thrall to some nefarious cabal of “Leftist” “Elites”.

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