Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clean-up on aisle 911...

In the comments section of a Jihad Watch report on a mosque in Nova Scotia (is no place in the West sacred?) having problems with its neighbor, a bar called Good Robot Brewing Company, we see the Counter-Jihad Mainstream's softness at work:

This doesn’t sound particularly Islam-related. It’s a complaint about a business that attracts dirty, noisy patrons. The complainant makes no reference to Islam. The Good Robot seems to have a street-level beer garden in front of it, and it is not obvious which neighbouring building (on left, or on right?) is the location of the Centre for Islamic Development. A neighboring Centre for Yoga Development might have the same complaint.

Um, no Mark   Anything involving Muslims in the West is, ipso facto, Islam-related.  (And anything Islam-related is a problem, like a tip of ice seen in the lovely moonlit water off the starboard bow of the Titanic in the twilight by some ditzy, champagne-tipsy Flapper Girl oblivious to the devastating iceberg beyond the mists ahead.)

Yeah, this is one of the few posts on JihadWatch where I’m not convinced we’re fairly seeing Jihad. I haven’t seen any evidence yet that this is Jihad. I could see myself having such complaints against a neighboring bar. If the bar can’t get it’s patrons in order, that’s the bar’s problem.

The mere presence of a mosque in Nova Scotia (or anywhere else on God's Green West) is Jihad, you numbskull.

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