Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A nice dressing down of a Jihad Watch Veteran


Most of the time, my reading of Jihad Watch comments is an exercise in tedium, boredom, and frustration.

Once in a blue moon, I see a slam-dunk so satisfying, it makes it all worth it.

Thus, the other day, I had the pleasure to read one "ECAW", a commenter whom I've noticed for quite some time, though he (or she) doesn't strike me as being a "veteran" of the Jihad Watch community per se -- and certainly not a member of the "Rabbit Pack", that high-school-clique-cum-lynch-mob of hall monitors who patrol Jihad Watch comments -- doing what had to be done against one of the Jihad Watch veterans there, one "Undaunted".   I've had a couple of run-ins with Undaunted in times past, and he strikes me as being a typical Counter-Jihad softy -- tough bluster on the outside, soft nougat on the inside.   (Meanwhile, the ever selectively cautious "gravenimage" (of the aforementioned the Rabbit Pack) engaged Undaunted with timid respect, which did not communicate the essential connection of the point from a boxing glove to the side of the chin.  This is what ECAW did superlatively, to set "Undaunted" in his place.

Here is ECAW's KO of Undaunted.  After soaking up his satisfaction of this fine riposte, the reader may scroll up in that Jihad Watch comments thread to see what led up to it.


It may be ironic that the Jihad Watch commenter whom ECAW is defending from Undaunted's reckless attack is one "mortimer" whom I have numerous times when I was commenting there found to be egregiously soft and incoherent on the problem of Muslims (e.g., he advocates "deprogramming" Muslims but never explains how that would be done, and even some of the Rabbit Pack have begun to show impatience with him).  This time, however, mortimer happened to be correct, and Undaunted was incorrect, about a point of history.  This mortimer fellow may not have worded it with ideal precision, but Undaunted went off half-cocked in his angry derision of mortimer's point.  What was mortimer's point?   This is what he wrote that started the firestorm in Undaunted's temper:

Esteban Santiago [the recent Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist] was a jihadist sabotaging the West’s transportation.

Muslim pirates in the Mediterranean did the same thing, thus causing the Dark Ages through sabotaging transport and trade on the Mediterranean Sea.

To which Undaunted typed:

You're so full of shit.

And then, we were off to the races -- until ECAW stepped in with a right cross that shut Undaunted up for good, it seems.

Speaking of mortimer's point, see my "Further Reading" below.

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