Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Counter-Jihad on Paltalk

There's a lot to say about this subject, as I have personal experience with it for over ten years.  I won't get into everything I can say.  Today, it's just one moment which, to me, says a lot.

Over the years, there have been many anti-Islam chat rooms on Paltalk chat.  They come and they go.  Currently, the big room is run by one "Eolia Red".  Many of the regulars there often have useful things to say about the subject but, as is typical (as I've found, to my weariness), it tends to be incoherent whenever the topic gets to the point where the rubber meets the road.

Tonight, it was doing just that, as one after another speaker was articulating why, and how, we cannot trust any Muslims.  When I brought up "deport all Muslims", wouldn't you know it, but the room owner, Eolia Red, typed very pointedly in the chat room text to me something like "We can't deport Muslims unless we know without a doubt that they are guilty of sedition."

I wanted to retort:  "So you don't know that all Muslims are seditious...?"

Or:  "So because we cannot 'know' that all Muslims are seditious, but we can reasonably infer it from the mountains of data we (in the Counter-Jihad) do know about Islam and about Muslims, we should let our West go down...?"

Instead, with a heart filled with unsurprised dismay, I left the room.

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