Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Counter-Jihad still isn't getting the main point

Jihad Watch reports this headline:

Germany: Muslim migrant killed "infidel" landlady, scrawled Qur'an verses on wall

Robert Spencer then adds this trenchantly snippy editorial remark:

Remember: if you think this is reprehensible, you’re a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.”

This misses the point, the central point in my estimation, of the problem of the problem -- the problem of the West's myopia to the primary problem, the problem of Islam.

The majority of PC MCs -- who continue to reflect the worldview of the entire Western mainstream -- don't call you a racist, bigoted Islamophobe merely because you think this atrocity is reprehensible.  They will call you a racist, bigoted Islamophobe if they suspect that your condemnation of atrocities like this leads you to "paint all Muslims with a broad brush" -- which would mean, among other things, that all Muslims are somehow tied to, or enable, or support, or sympathize with the Islam of the terrorists that are increasingly plaguing the world.

The Counter-Jihad continues to tap-dance around this particular, important point.  As long as it does so, it will be speaking past the Western mainstream it is supposed to be trying to educate.

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