Friday, January 20, 2017

The Psychology of the Counter-Jihad, again...

In my first installment of this series on the psychology of the Counter-Jihad Softy, I wrote:

I kept thinking that surely, they would begin to adjust their rosy-colored perspective with every fresh atrocity Muslims would perpetrate and/or plot.  Lord knows there's been no short supply of Mohammedan atrocities over the years...

And this:

But every time Jihad Watch or Front Page Mag or Atlas Shrugs, etc., would report yet another frightfully gruesome attack by Muslims, I would notice a strange resiliency in their underlying nougat.  

Well, when I saw the story on Jihad Watch of the latest Muslim atrocity, when a Muslim in Melbourne, Australia, mowed down a crowd of people in a mass-murderous rage (perfectly in keeping with the spirit and dictates of mainstream Islam), I noticed there were 137 comments on the initial article.  I don't even have to read them to know the comments will be filled with incoherent, inconsistent flailing about, hitting peripheral points with robust gusto, but for all that, still missing the point that the problem of Islam is the problem of mainstream Islam -- and that this problem, in turn, is joined at the hip with the problem of all Muslims, including all Muslims who are in the West, including any upon whom the West (including America) has disastrously conferred "citizenship".

And that, as long as the West doesn't grasp this, the West will be continuing to sail straight ahead for the Titanic disaster that looms ahead, auguring the mayhem and misery Mohammedans will eventually, inevitably wreak upon the West.

And that, for the West to wake up to grasp this in time, there needs to be a growing nucleus within it of a movement (the erstwhile "Anti-Islam Movement" that still doesn't exist coherently) to help wake their fellow Westerners up.

As long as I continue to see this movement flail about in incoherence, in a diverse multitude of ways hampering the realization of the dreaded A word (all Muslims), I reasonably, sorrowfully, remain a pessimist.


Nobody said...

Hesperado, the key word here is not so much 'ALL' Muslims, as much as it is 'ANY' Muslims. It may look like a very subtle difference, but it is there. In short, ANY Muslim is capable of stabbing us in the back, which is why NO Muslim can be trusted. Even if ALL Muslims are not venal, it's impossible to say for sure that ANY one can be trusted

Hesperado said...

Yes, I would agree with that, Nobody.