Monday, January 02, 2017

What's wrong with this picture...?

An official in the Malaysian government, General Ayub Khan and counter-terrorism chief of that country, came out with a public statement about how the world needs to confront the "ideology" of the Muslim terrorists who keep pullulating out of Islam and (increasingly in our time) spilling over violently in various parts of the world (including more and more, the West).

What is this "ideology" according to Khan?

“In my opinion, as long as the spread of the Salafi Jihadi ideology is not stopped decisively by all parties, then the threat of IS and other terror groups with the same ideology will not dissipate. In fact it will grow further,” he told The Sunday Star in an interview.

As usual, the Counter-Jihad civilians, reflected in the comments thread attached to the Jihad Watch report on this,  flail around, at best with tough pronouncements against Islam -- thus, a few seem to comprehend the specious (not to mention downright inaccurate) isolation of the problem as a truncation, offshoot or branch (whether "salafi" or "wahabi" or whatever), when the whole damned tree, Islam, is the problem.

 None of these civilians, however, cuts through to the grimmer point that logically extends beyond.  If we know that mainstream Islam is perniciously seditious and ghoulishly evil, how can this Malaysian Muslim General, Ayub Khan, not know this?  One could understand a non-Muslim Westerner, starry-eyed with Kumbaya idealism, believing that only a segment of Islam is a problem, and the rest of it is composed of moms & pops like the rest of us who just wanna have a sandwich and get on with living their lives, etc.

So, the grimmer point is that we must reasonably assume -- if, that is, we have been intelligently digesting the indigestible mountain of horrible data about Islam over the years and connecting the dots of its ocean, whose global sea level is dangerously rising in our time -- that any and all Muslims who seem to be "reformers" or who seem to be innocently unaware of the irredeemable fanaticism at the heart of their own Islam, are lying to us, in order to lull us into a complacency that continues to regard the Mirage of Moderate Muslims (or their various permutations) as a reality, and not the strategic shadow-play we must, if we are survive into the 22nd century, assume it is.

Not one of the 55 comments on that Jihad Watch thread even got close to this grimmer point; and that's because they're still stuck with the Vista software of the Counter-Jihad: a no-nonsense focus on how bad Islam is, but still an incoherent grasp (probably stemming from a semi-conscious denial) of the problem of all Muslims.


The problem: Islam.

The problem of the problem: The West's myopia to the problem of Islam.

The problem of the problem of the problem:  The Counter-Jihad's myopia to the problem of all Muslims.

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