Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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About Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, whom President Trump appointed his senior national security advisor, a recent headline trumpets the profoundly depressing Same Old Same Old News:

...McMaster... told the staff of the National Security Council on Thursday, in his first "all hands" staff meeting, that the label "radical Islamic terrorism" was not helpful because terrorists are "un-Islamic"...

It's bad enough when our representatives, and our counter-terrorism analysts and experts, indulge in cushioning Islam from criticism (let alone the condemnation it so roundly deserves) with such dysphemisms as "radical Islamic terrorism" (or worse, "radical Islamist terrorism").  It's even worse when their PC MC skittishness can't even tolerate anything remotely hinting at linking terrorism to Islam.  For such extremely sensitive souls, even qualifiers like "radical" and "extremist" are not enough; and even softening "Islamic" with an "-ist" on the end is too incorrect.

The election victory of Trump constituted one step forward.  The first step back of the OBushma years was not corrected by Trump's senior advisor on national security; instead, McMaster took a second step back, to reassert the Western Mainstream status quo: our anxiety to protect Islam from all scrutiny.

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