Monday, February 06, 2017

The taxonomy of the Homo Islamicus

Any taxonomy that erects a category of a harmless Muslim as a viable demographic relevant to our #1 priority, the safety of our societies, is flawed.

Harmless Muslims may indeed exist out there, somewhere; but unfortunately, we do not have adequate means to vet them on a macro scale sufficiently for our #1 priority — the safety of our societies.

That means that pragmatically speaking, we must adopt a rational prejudice against all Muslims. Thus, the only taxonomic breakdown of Muslims that reflects our horrible quandary as a global revival of Islamic Jihad metastasizes and spirals out of (our) control, is the following:

All 1.5 billion Muslims may be divided up into two categories:

1. Muslims who are killing us.

2. Muslims who are lying about the killing.

We may further break down each of the two, to wit:

1a. Muslims who are plotting to kill us.

1b. Muslims who are materially enabling 1 and 1a.

1c. Muslims who have shown, in words and in deeds, to support 1, 1a and 1b.

2a. Islam apologists who go out of their way to propagandize in various media.

2b. Muslims who may not be that active in propaganda, but who respond to comments and questions about Islam with the typical talking points used by 2a.

2c. Muslims who seem nice and friendly, or just unremarkably ordinary (“just wanna have a sandwich”) who haven’t uttered or written any propaganda memes only because they haven’t been prompted to (and so the gullible Westerner assumes they must be harmless), whose role in the global jihad is that special form of jihad, the "Jihad of Just Being Here" (see my explanation of this here).

Then there's that special category that seems to have been a relatively recent addition in the last couple of years:

2d. Muslims who pretend to be concerned and aghast at the extremism and violence roiling out of the Muslim world — such as Maajid Nawaz, Zuhdi Jasser, and that fella who tried to sneak into Jihad Watch under the wire this past week, Zakaria Fellah — Muslims who “feel our pain” yet, when push comes to shove, end up retailing the same memes, just with a new glib spin on them to try to fool us in the Counter-Jihad (and often, unfortunately, they get away with it).

These are the “Better Cops” who have come along precisely because they realize that the standard-issue garden-variety “Good Cops” can no longer work among those in the Counter-Jihad who have wised up. Unfortunately, as I say, many in the Counter-Jihad who have built up rational resistance to the “Good Cops” remain vulnerable to the soothing wiles, the sweet taqiyya in their ears, from these “Better Cops”.  (Indeed, the aforementioned Maajid Nawaz has been assiduously at work for years focusing on Counter-Jihad analysts such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Douglas Murray, and above all, Sam Harris -- and his main goal evidently has been to persuade them that there is a viable #3 category of Muslims, who constitute a Silent Majority of apparently non-"extremist" non-"Islamist" Muslims (their numbers or location, let alone any means to vet them, is, of course, never pinned down, but only held out as a vague hope) whose existence will save us from the problem their Islam is causing the world.  Disquieting comments from Sam Harris in recent times indicate that Sam believes in this mythical third subspecies of Muslim not so much because they actually exist (and anyway, their viable existence cannot, in any case, be reliably demonstrated), but more importantly, because, as he put it, "the alternative is grim".)

I would hope the reader notes that all this fine-tuned breakdown does not appreciably detract from, nor soften in any way, the starkly sober and bleakly gritty realism of the primary breakdown of 1 and 2.

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