Monday, March 13, 2017

Another jihad to add to the list

As I've noted in the past -- particularly in two essays, The Multifarious Strategy of Jihad and also The Many Flavors of Jihad -- jihad is not merely a simple, uniform phenomenon in Islam.  It is, rather, a complex way of interacting with the enemy that has evolved over centuries.

In simpler times, perhaps, jihad could be simpler -- mostly a military strategy, in a context (e.g., throughout the Middle Ages) where Muslims didn't have to pretend they weren't hell-bent on conquering the West.  In our epoch, after centuries of development from the 17th century forward, the West has outstripped Islam astronomically, and Muslims must combine their Jihad of the Sword with a variety of other Jihads, many of them cloaked in various ways, and thus disconnected from the Jihad of the Sword; for if that overall connection were seen by their enemy (that's you and me and our Western societies), it would reveal the unity of motive and goal behind the panoply of Jihads.  (Indeed, this is one function of the Jihad of the Pen & Tongue, precisely to disconnect one of the Jihads -- Terror -- from Islam and from Muslims.)

Particularly in the first noted essay above, I adumbrate a list of ten different, distinct types of jihad which Muslims have been deploying against their perennial enemy (that's you and me and our Western societies):

Jihad of Terrorism

Jihad of Criminality

Jihad of the Pen & Mouth (i.e., propaganda & disinformation)

Jihad of the Feet (immigration)

Jihad of the Womb (demographic jihad, outbreeding us)

Jihad of Lawfare

Jihad of the Publicity Stunt

Jihad of Victimology & Grievance

Jihad of the Phony "Hate Crime"

Jihad of Just Being Here

The reader will see that some are obviously interconnected or overlap, while others seem more distinct.

Today, on seeing a particular headline on Jihad Watch, I realized there is a subtly distinct jihad to add to the list:

"Germany spent more than 20 billion dollars on refugees in 2016 as crisis outstrips state budgets"

That would be the Jihad of Draining the Kuffar's Resources.  This can be done in many ways in addition to a massive Biblical flood of immigrants into the West. The particular jihad of terrorism, for example, has triggered enormous expense in myriad ways throughout the West for the past 15 years since 911.

Incidentally, that headline illustrates the overlap of jihads, in that it involves at least four from the list (aside from the new one I just added):  Jihad of the Feet, Jihad of Criminality, Jihad of Terrorism, and the Jihad of Just Being Here.

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Nobody said...

This is actually a disguised Jiziya tax, even more than a Jihad. By having it, Muzzies get Infidels to recognize their suzerainty even if it's not formally there.