Saturday, March 18, 2017

Second piece of the puzzle...

See part 1 for details.

Continuing with my analysis of Spencer's lengthy (and unprecedented) dressing down of "Better Cop" pseudo-reformer Zuhdi Jasser:

Still, there have always been a few of us who have never jumped onto the “moderate Islam is the solution” bandwagon. We have recognized, often with regret, that Muslim reformists have had scant success. I myself have always invited Muslims who sincerely reject jihad and Sharia supremacism to join with me...

There, gleaming like the edge of a point buried in a hill of detailed rhetoric, is the difference between the Counter-Jihad Mainstream and a restless, growing minority (or silent majority?) among the civilians of the Counter-Jihad.  The latter have realized, have put two and two (or two and taqiyya) together, have drawn the reasonable conclusion from the mountain of data that exists out there about Islam and the ocean of dots screaming to be connected -- a mountain and an ocean to which Spencer himself has ably contributed in amassing over the years -- that all Muslims are equally untrustworthy.

That we must reasonably assume all Muslims are willfully supporting the long, slow Jihad against us.

But in Spencer's rhetoric, there always remains that generous assumption about Muslims; an assumption that tends to have the effect of putting the brakes on the progress of the Counter-Jihad to undergo the paradigm shift that will free it from servitude to the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist Mainstream that sets the tone and rules of the Discussion about the problem of Islam (which = the problem of all Muslims).

Simply put, Spencer is too afraid to put it in these terms, lest the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist Mainstream reject him and demonize him.  Um (cough, cough), Robert: they already do reject you and demonize you, as you yourself know (see my "Damned if you do" series of essays).  One detects, in many comments at Jihad Watch, a growing realization among the civilians of the movement that they are ready for this paradigm shift.

Part of the readiness of that shift is to stop letting the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist Mainstream bully us and cow us onto the defensive, where we anxiously permit them to slander us with the outrageously false accusations that our growing, educated awareness of the problem of Islam -- which means, also, the problem of Muslims -- automatically and inexorably leads us to (or already stems from our supposedly "racist" baseline that would) "hate all Muslims" and want to genocide them.

By contrast, the safer, more timidly cautious Counter-Jihad Mainstream continues to cultivate the Defensive, and in many subtle ways continues to let the broader Mainstream control the Conversation.

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