Monday, April 17, 2017

Anne Marie Waters botches the "A meme"

The "A meme" is the "All" word -- specifically referring to all Muslims.

In a recent video published on Jihad Watch through the medium of the egregiously soft Jamie Glazov, Waters appropriately points out that when we try to educate our fellow Westerners more or less deformed by PC MC (whom she calls "Useful Infidels") about Islam, their common retort is "well, not all Muslims do that!"

However, Waters shows that she doesn't understand why this retort is so common, and she thereby shows a lack of comprehension for how to deal with it in discussions and/or debates with such Useful Infidels.

What Waters doesn't seem to grasp is that the reason why these Useful Infidels are so concerned about "all" Muslims is that, if the West were to begin to respond appropriately to all the evil and dangerous behaviors Muslims have been perpetrating in the West -- even granted that it is not "all" Muslims doing this (even only a minority among them) -- our responses would in many ways be unable to avoid impinging upon most, if not all Muslims, and most of these Muslims who would be affected by our rational policies to keep our societies safe from Islam would be Muslims who have no ostensible connection to any overt behaviors making us unsafe.

I.e., a rational policy by the West to help make it safe from Islam would necessarily entail all Muslims.  Only someone who hasn't digested the full horror of the mountains of data about Islam and about Muslims (including the devastating phenomenon of taqiyya) would disagree.

Waters, and the entire Counter-Jihad Mainstream, never address that aspect of the problem.  And so they, and the broader Mainstream, will continue talking past each other, never really connecting about what they actually disagree about.

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