Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Counter-Jihad Mainstream Gumbo,h_416,c_fit,fl_progressive,q_95/v1/img/recipes/21/45/87/6ByDW9jRESiaAjtzRj8V_gumbo-6.jpg

All the ingredients are there on display, in a recent Jihad Watch report, for a Counter-Jihad Mainstream gumbo:

Robert Spencer, the éminence grise of the Counter-Jihad Mainstream, out gettin' it done, this breathless week in his successful and lucrative Counter-Jihad career slated to give a lecture at a venue in the broader Western Mainstream, a public university in Missouri, United States (Truman State University).

Various PC MCs at that public university getting wind of this, and fomenting a campaign of trying to prevent Spencer from speaking there, in order to protect our Muslim brothers and sisters from the ugly and demagogic "hatred" and "racism" that would surely result from Spencer's lecture, since after all, he is anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.

Next ingredient, after the demonizing shrimp, is the garnish: Spencer predictably protesting that he is "not anti-Muslim" (as he has done in the past, along with his equally inane protestation that he is "not anti-Islam").

Final ingredients: an incoherent stir-fry of over 70 comments laced with Jihad Watch sycophancy for their Unquestionable Leader, ignoring the central garnish while adding in the corn and minced onion of seemingly robust anti-Islam chili powder (yet rather mild to the palate, given its timidity about condemning all Muslims), 

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